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Letter To The Editor 11.21.2013 – Goss

To the Editor:
Recently, Governor Jay Nixon, of Missouri, declared that those individuals who have entered into “same-sex” marriages may file joint tax returns with the Missouri Department of Revenue. In defense of his act, Governor Nixon called it “appropriate.”
Governor Nixon is a politician. Politicians operate within the foggy realm of pragmatism, expediency, and, most grievously, compromise. Politicians operate within the deceitful realm of what is “legal”, but rarely what is “lawful.” And, politicians almost always operate within the godless realm of what is iniquitous, not what is right.
In order for Nixon to satisfy his rationalization of allowing sodomite or lesbian “couples” to file joint tax returns with the State of Missouri he was required to demonstrate what is often referred to as: political correctness. The Governor considered it politically correct, “appropriate” as he termed it, to commit an immoral and unlawful act in order to appear as if he were following the law.
God says that those who do what Governor Nixon did are “fram[ing] mischief by a law…”, Psalm 94:20. Just because we pass a law making a thing legal, does not automatically mean that it is also lawful. For example, beginning in 1973, and since then, many “laws” have been passed making it legal to murder unborn, even mostly-born babies. None of those murders, however, have been lawful. As much as politicians hate to admit it, as much as they try to avoid it, as much as they lie to get around it, God determines what is right, and therefore, lawful. Mr. Nixon did what he did in order to appear to be doing a thing which was “appropriate” in a legal sense. In this case, righteousness was not served. But, then again, Mr. Nixon is a politician. Think about it.
Les Goss
Mountain View, Mo.