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Dugger Report 10.31.2013

It seems as if only yesterday the final gavel fell on the 2013 legislative session.  However, the summer months have flown by and now the coolness of fall is upon us.
In a little over a month, Missouri legislators will be able to begin the process of filing legislation for the upcoming 2014 legislative session. Last year was a productive year, but the needs of the state are always evolving leaving important work left to be done.
First and foremost, the legislature will be tasked with formulating the FY 2015 state budget. Unlike Washington, Missouri always passes a balanced budget. The process is difficult and takes many hours, but members from both sides of the aisle are able to work together in order to make sure the fiscal responsibilities of the state are met.
In addition to the budget, legislators will file numerous bills. Some of these will be geared toward a specific need of their region, while others will impact the entire state. In December, as bills start to be filed, I will have a better idea of what the key issues of the legislative session will be. At that time, I will conduct an online survey like I did last year in order to gauge your thoughts and opinions of some of the major issues we will be voting on. This survey will most likely be out in mid to late December and run through the early part of the legislative session.
Until that point, keep an eye out for the 2013-2014 District 141 directories. Some of you have already received these through the mail. Others will be receiving them in the November issue of the Shopper II.  This directory has several important contact numbers for local, state, and federal agencies that can assist you with day to day issues that might arise.
Also, beginning in December, information about pre-filed legislation will be available on the House of Representatives website,  Simply click on the “Bill Tracking” tab on the left side of the webpage to access information regarding legislation that has been filed for the 2014 legislative session.
As always, it is an honor to serve you in the Missouri House of Representatives.