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Ava Middle School Volleyball Team Completes Season

The Ava Middle School volleyball teams completed the 2013 season with games against Reeds Spring and Lebanon on Oct. 8 and 10.
Ava 7th grade had two close games with Reeds Spring but fell to the Wolves in a two-game match.  Ava lost game one 18-25 and game two 25-27.
Macey Phillips was 12/12 serving with 2 aces; Gracie Heinlein was 9/9 serving and 18/20 passing; Kiaunna Snow, and Araina Evans were both 4/4 serving and Snow was also 13/14 passing and had 4 hits; Haley Hawkins was 4/5 serving with one ace;  Jada Gunter was 6/7 hitting for the Bears and was 23/23 passing;  and Kate McDonald passed 13/15 and set 7/7.
They also played an extra 25 point game with Reeds Spring which the Wolves won 15-25.  Kenzie Lumley was 5/5 serving and 3/4 passing; Megan Goforth was 7/7 serving with one ace and 3/3 passing; Taylor George was 2/3 serving and 5/5 passing and Lauren Mendel was 3/3 serving with one ace.
Ava 8th grade fell to a very strong Reeds Spring team in a two game match. Sierra Boatman was 7/8 serving and 11/14 passing, 5/5 setting and had one hit; Haylee Hare was 3/3 serving and 9/12 passing; Kathrin Buff was 3/3 hitting; Marissa Reynolds  was 6/6 setting and Libero McKenzie Hall was 7/10 passing.
They played an exciting extra game which was finally won by the Wolves 30-28.  Becca Dudley was 8/8 serving and 4/5 passing; Makayla Diel was 4/4 serving with one ace, 7/10 passing and 8/9 setting; Mashala Gunning was 12/15 passing, 2/2 setting and 3/3 hitting; Liliana Hernandez was 2/3 serving and 4/5 passing; and McKenzie Hall was 2/2 serving and 12/15 passing.
On Oct. 10 Ava played their last match of the season hosting the Lebanon Yellowjackets.
“We were able to play a lot of volleyball with full extra matches being played in the high school gym, while the regulation matches were being played in the middle school gym,” Coach Ann Leonard said.
Both Ava 7th and 8th grade fell to the Yellowjackets in two game matches.  Gracie Heinlein served 12/13, passed 8/11, and hit 3/3; Jada Gunter served 6/6 and hit 7/8; Haley Hawkins was 3/3 serving; libero Kahli Miller was 9/10 passing; Macey Phillips was 2/2 serving and Kate McDonald was 15/19 passing.
In the 8th grade match Sierra Boatman was 7/7 serving with one ace; Kaylee Evans was 4/4 serving; Makayla Diel was 10/11 passing; Madison Freeman and Jasmine Dalton were both 3/3 serving; and Kathrin Buff was 3/3 serving and 2/2 hitting.
In the extra matches Ava 7th grade beat the yellowjackets in a two game match 25-12 and 25-23.  Haley Hawkins was 11/12 serving with 2 aces and 3/3 passing; Araina Evans was 8/9 serving and 8/9 passing; Kahli Miller was 6/6 serving; Lauren Mendel was 5/6 serving with one ace, 2/2 setting and 4/5 hitting; Madison Croney had a hit for Ava,  Kenzie Lumley was 6/6 setting and 2/2 hitting; Megan Goforth was 6/8 passing and Taylor George was 2/2 hitting.
The 8th grade extra session went to Lebanon in a two game match.  Makayla Diel served 7/7 with 3 aces and passed 25/28 and set 8/8; Mashala Gunning was 5/6 serving, 13/17 passing, 9/9 setting and had one hit; Emily Little was 4/5 serving with 3 ace serves; Becca Dudley was 3/3 serving; and Liliana Hernandez had one hit for the Lady Bears.