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Neighborhood Watch Organized In Squires Area

On Sept. 26, the Squires community held its first Neighborhood Watch meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Squires Fire Department.
Thirty citizens initially signed up to participate and become members of the Neighborhood Watch.
Sheriff Chris Degase provided the audience with the forms and information that needs to be taken when they observe something suspicious.
The Squires community now has a reserve deputy, Kevin McCormack, who lives in the area and also is the chaplain for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.
Kevin represents the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office with the local Ministerial Alliance and  will oversee the Neighborhood Watch program in the Squires area.
Anyone wishing to become a member of the Squires Neighborhood Watch program should go to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office website and send an email with your contact information to ensure you are made aware of potential dangerous situations in the area and receive information about upcoming meetings.
Sheriff Degase said there are other areas in the county that are in the beginning phases of the Neighborhood Watch Program, as well.
“Many of the cases we successfully solve are from information we receive from the citizens of Douglas County,” Sheriff Degase said.