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Ava Middle School Volleyball Teams Take 1st, 2nd at Cabool

Ava 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams competed in the Cabool Tournament on Saturday, Oct. 5.  Ava 8th grade won the tournament for the second year!  Ava 7th grade took second in the tournament behind Cabool, the only team that has beaten Ava this year.
Ava 8th grade started their morning playing the host team, Cabool.  Cabool had beaten Ava in regular season, but Ava beat the Bulldogs in a two games 25-23 and 25-22 to start off the day.   Immediately following the Cabool games, Ava defeated Mtn. Grove in two games.  Again the Panthers had defeated the 8th grade Lady Bears in regular season but Ava was determined to change the outcome and beat Mtn. Grove 25-20 and 25-21.
The last match of the day was against the Houston Tigers. Ava split with Houston, winning game one 25-22, but dropping game two 23-25. However, with a record of 5-1, Ava won the tournament for the second year in a row.
In the Cabool games Haylee Hare served 11/12 and passed 16/18; Kaylee Evans served 7/7 and passed 9/11; Kathrin Buff served 5/5 and passed 9/11; libero McKenzie Hall passed 9/10 and both Makayla Diel and Madison Freeman served 5/6, Freeman also passed 11/12.
“In the Mtn. Grove games strong serving was a key in our win,” said Coach Ann Leonard.
Kaylee Evans and Marissa Reynolds were each  10/10, Madison Freeman 9/9, Becca Dudley 6/6, Haylee Hare 8/9, and Kathrin Buff 3/3.   Hitting for the Lady Bears, Jasmine Dalton was 3/4, and Makayla Diel, Madison Freeman and Kaylee Evans each had two hits for Ava.
In the final games for the day against Houston, Marissa Reynolds was 10/10 serving and 9/9 passing; Faith Stevens was 9/9 serving and 9/11 passsing; Becca Dudley was 5/6 serving; Madison Freeman was 3/3 serving, 7/10 passing and 3/3 hitting; Haylee Hare was 4/4 serving; Liliana Hernandez was 4/6 passing and Mashala Gunning was 4/5 serving and 5/7 passing and 2/2 hitting.
Ava 7th grade started the day out slow with a loss to Cabool in game one 10-25, but woke up and battled in game two, but the Bulldogs held on to win 23-25.
Cabool went on to win the tournament going unbeaten for the day.
In game two Ava defeated the Mtn. Grove Panthers in two games 25-15, 25-14.  Ava defeated Houston in the final games of the day, 25-16, 25-13.
In the Cabool games Gracie Heinlein served 14/15 with four ace serves and passed 11/14. Ashton Beweley was 5/5 serving and 14/18 passing and 8/8 setting; Araina Evans served 3/3; Kate McDonald had five hits for Ava,  and Jada Gunter served 4/4 with one ace, passed 12/15 and had one huge solo block!
In the Mtn. Grove games Haley Hawkins served 13/13; Gracie Heinlein served 10/10; Kiaunnna Snow was 4/5 serving and 4/4 passing; Macey Phillips served 7/8 and passed 3/3; and Kenzie Lumley passed 3/3.
In the final games of  the day against Houston, Ashton Beweley set 8/8 and passed 5/5; Kate McDonald set 8/8 and passed 6/7 and had one hit; Haley Hawkins served 12/13 with seven ace serves. Kiaunna Snow was 5/6 serving with two aces; Macey Phillips was 11/12 passing and had one hit; Kenzie Lumely was 4/4 passing and 1/1 hitting; Araina Evans was 6/7 serving with two aces. Megan Goforth was 2/2 passing;  Taylor Geoge was 2/2 passing and 1/1 hitting; and Lauren Mendel was 3/3 serving with one ace and had one kill for Ava.