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Middle School Runners Compete At Mtn. Grove Open Cross Country Event

These runners competed at the Mountain Grove Open Cross Country meet on Tuesday, Oct.1.  From left, 6th grader Kayden Myers, 7th grader Gavin Goss, 6th grader Blake King, 6th grader Olivia Heriford,  6th grader Megan Lakey, 6th grader Sydney Snelson, 6th grader Quincy Kelly, 6th grader Claire Fossett sophomore Julianna Baker, sophomore Brett Mitchell, 8th grader Braden Swofford, 7th grader Jacob Key, 8th grader Darci Ray, and 8th grader Aubrey Schuster. Each of these young runners competed in a 1.5 mile run on the Randell Hinkel Golf Course in Mountain Grove.

Brett Mitchell finished first in the junior varsity race at the Mtn. Grove Open cross country event on Oct. 1. Brett ran the course in a time of 10:27.
Mitchell also had his best time of the season in the 1.5-mile distance.
Downtown Jonah Brown  came in close behind Brett, finishing second overall  with a time of 10:36.
Julianna Baker finished first in the girls’ JV race with a time of 14:27.
In the 7th and 8th grade race, Braden Swofford finished first overall with a new personal record of 9:46.  Jacob Key finished with a time of 11:04, Aubree Schuster finished in 11:07.  Darci Ray finished in 12:04 and Gavin Goss ran a 13:41.
In the 5th and 6th grade race, also a 1.5-mile distance, seven runners represented Ava.
Finishing third overall out of 22 girls was Claire Fossett with a time of 11:30.  Blake King ran the course in 13:37.  Kayden Myers had a time of 16:00.
Olivia Heriford ran a time of 17:16.  Megan Lakey was close behind with a time of 17:19.  Sydney Snelson ran a time of 17:23 and Quincy Kelly ran it in 17:30.
“All of these 6th graders did a really wonderful job with their first attempt at the sport of cross country,”   said Coach Liz Kyger.
“We were just so excited to get to take these younger runners with us!  They have been practicing during PE classes at school.
Coach Brandy Harvill has been promoting running and signed them up by asking for volunteers to come race. They all really gave great effort during the race and we hope they will join us again for the next junior high meet,  again at Mtn. Grove on Oct. 17.”