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Looking Backward 10.10.2013

25 Years Ago

October 6, 1988


No one would dare deny that we have hit the satellite age, and now even farming has hit the video circuit.  Harlan Robertson, Ava, became the first cattleman from the Ava area to sell cattle on national TV.  Robertson took advantage of National Video Satellite Auction by selling 100 head of steers and heifers on Oct. 1 for $92.75 per hundred weight.

U.S. Forest Service employee Murrell Alms was at the Caney Picnic Area this week preparing the area for the arrival of hundreds of visitors who will travel the Glade Top Trail through the Mark Twain National Forest during the next few weeks.  Alms shored up the open air stage where musical entertainment will be performed on Oct. 16 during the annual chicken barbecue

Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Gaulding announce the birth of their daughter, Amanda Jo Gaulding, born Sept. 11.  She weighed 7 lbs., 3 oz. Amanda was welcomed home by her two brothers, Josh and Travis.

Most people in Douglas Count5y probably feel the chances of experiencing an earthquake here are about as remote as facing a hurricane.  But actually many experts feel that Missouri will experience a major earthquake within the next decade.

Agnes Irby was given a surprise birthday party to celebrate her 80th birthday on Sunday, Sept. 25.

Fay Huffman had a week of birthday celebration, starting with four generations attending church with her, including her son, Harrybil Huffman, granddaughter, Brenda Turner and great-granddaughter Lacey Jo Turner.

50 Years Ago

October 3, 1963


The Collins cousins, Leon and J.D., were back behind bars Sunday after Howell County Sheriff Bill Oliver got onto their trail at West Plains early Sunday morning, five days after the cousins broke jail at Gainesville where they were being held for allegedly viciously beating Mrs. Dora Pytt near Dora last April.  The two escaped from the Ozark County jail Tuesday last week.  Patrolman Sgt. Jimmie Howard, Tropper Matt Lorch and Tpr. Larry Cooper of West Plains, Tpr. C. L. Reppell of Gainesville, Tpr. Bob Pitts of Willow Springs, and Tpr. Joe Miller of Willow Springs were called out along with Deputy Oliver, Ozark County Sheriff Kelly Sallee and his deputy Bob Sullivan around 2:30 a.m. to check cars and set up road blocks in the Twin Bridges area.  The two were arrested around 7:45 Sunday morning near Twin Bridges.

If the Bears get by Cabool tomorrow night, their game at Mtn. Grove the following week could very well decide the conference championship.

Miss Myrtle Rippee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maney Rippee of Ava, and Bob Phelps of Kansas City were married Saturday, Sept. 21 in Kansas City.  Joe Richard Haynes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Olene Haynes of Springfield, formerly of Ava, enplaned in Springfield Friday, Sept. 20, for Newport, R.I. where he was to enter U.S. Naval Officer Candidate School.

Mr. and Mrs. Dorn Everett (Mabel McGill) announce the birth of a son at 10:32 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 22, in the Mansfield Hospital. The baby weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces at the time of his birth and he has been named James Dell.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Breshears (Barbara Miller) of Route 2, Ava, announce the birth of a son, Preston Dewayne, Sept. 27 at the Mansfield Hospital.

Jerry Ellison of Ava won first place in Class B of the annual Ozarks Checker Tournament held Sunday at the Springfield courthouse. Players from 15 towns in southwest Missouri and Arkansas participated. Winner in Class A was Vernon Downey of Mountain Grove.

Mrs. Lyle Dickison has turned in her resignation as deputy circuit clerk and recorder, effective Oct. 31, and her replacement will be Miss Suanne Cory it was announced by Virgil Kester, circuit clerk and recorder.

RED BANK –– We hear truth is stranger than fiction.  This story proves it so.  A few weeks ago Cal Neiman lost his diamond ring, he thought near the slab at the Neiman ford on Beaver creek, near his farm. After searching and offering a reward of $100 to anyone who would find it, he decided his ring was lost. Saturday morning Bill Suggs, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Suggs, who live near the Beaver Store, was at the store and as he was walking near the gas pumps something stuck to the sole of his shoe. It proved to be the lost diamond ring. Mr. Neiman was happy to get his ring back and Billy was a happy boy to receive the $100 reward money, for it meant money for school and a long wished for new bicycle.


75 Years Ago

October 6, 1938


JEFFERSON, Mo. – Missouri’s Wildlife Conservation agents will be uniformed, the Conservation Commission has recently an­nounced.

More than three hundred relatives and friends gathered at the Ora Murphy home at Almartha last Sunday in celebration of Joe Murphy, who was celebrating his twenty-first birthday anniversary. A basket dinner was served during the noon hours.

Basil Hicks of Wasola, who is a junior in Arkansas College at Batesville, Ark., has been elected vice-0resident of AC’s newly-organized fraternity, the All-American Club.   Mr. Hicks is a ministerial student at Arkansas College.

Wolf control measures are being undertaken in Missouri in a coop­erative agreement between farmers, sportsmen, county courts, Bureau of Biological Survey, and Missouri Conservation Commission.   Only special wolf traps will be used, and only wolves and bobcats taken.

Romance, beauty and historical lore have given charm to Mississippi River steamboating.  Since the second decade of the last century, colorfully decorated steamers loaded with hilarious merry-makers have churned the waters of the Mississippi.

The New Wilson Theatre –– “Having Wonderful Time” Ginger Rogers and a big cast with Doug Fairbanks, Donald Meek, Peggy Conklin and twenty others in a truly big show. An entertaining, fast moving comedy drama. Sunday matinee at 2;30; Night shows begin at 7:30.

Mrs. Fred Adams of Mansfield arrived in Ava last week and is employed at the Brown Derby Café.

If there is anyone you have a friendly feeling for, be kind to him today:  Tomorrow you may not have the chance. . . .

Herr Hitler gives his word that he has made his last territorial demand in Europe. The word of a dictator.  Is anyone in Europe, or elsewhere, naïve enough to believe that? Let us look over his generalities in the past and see how he has kept his word.

GIRDNER –– Herval Porter has been absent from school the past few days because of illness.

RIPPEE –– George Ward, son of Mrs. Jane Love of this community, and Dora Williams, daughter of Wes Williams of the Gentryville community, were united in marriage Saturday.

GOODHOPE –– Several horses around here have the sleeping sickness.

BLACK OAK – Martin Kellogg and Lulu Spurlock were luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arvel Davis Sunday.

For the first time in several years, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights were visible in West Plains last night, the interesting phenomenon taking place between 9:30 and 10 o’clock and being observed by several local persons.


100 Years Ago

October 16, 1913


W.S. Curry, local manager of the Arapahoe Farmers’ Shipping Association, was slugged and robbed early Friday morning shortly after stepping off No. 15.  He was returning home from South Omaha, where he had gone with a shipment of livestock.  Mr. Curry took a short cut for home past the westend of the depot, and the last he remembers was passing the pile of ties nearby. The train was a little late and the attack upon him was made about 1:30 a.m.  He regained consciousness three and a half hours later, or at five o’clock, standing in the center of Muddy Creek, twenty feet north of the railroad bridge. He was suffering from two and possibly three blows. He was relieved of five dollars in cash and a pair of spectacles belonging to Mrs. Curry.  The battered condition of his head, face and hand shows that a heavy instrument was used to beat him into insensibility, and the wonder is that he escaped alive.  W. W. Curry is a brother of our townsman, Geo. R. Curry.

Wilson’s Mill is a closed chapter.  Chrystal Lake is the name of the soon to be power-site which will furnish Ava with electric lights.  The basin, which is almost completed is formed by high embankments of dirt and heavy timbers. The water will pour over a vertical wall twelve feet high made of reinforced concrete, onto the big wheel, which will turn the machinery. The wheel is twelve feet in diameter and weighs 18,000 lbs. it is made entirely of steel.  It will have a depth of fourteen to sixteen feet, making an excellent fish-pond and a resort for boating riding and swimming.

In Washington, D.C., Oct. 10, at 2:00 p.m. eastern time, 1913, President Wilson touched a button which blew up the Gamboa dike across the Panama Canal, which was practically the last obstruction between the two oceans. There was placed under the dike 1,227 charges of dynamite.  Building of the Panama Canal is the greatest engineering feat in the history of the world.  The entire length from deep water in the Atlantic to deep water in the Pacific is about fifty miles.  The canal itself is about thirty-four miles long.

Bum Ellison is building a nice large two-story residence in the northwest part of town.

We had a fine rain last Thursday which still keeps the grass growing. A light frost fell the following two nights, but it did not kill the grass.

J. T. Singleton is getting gravel on the ground for some new concrete walks around his property in the north part of town. The city should put in a couple of crossings and the school property needs a few yards of walk, which would complete a walk from the square to the schoolhouse. This would be a great convenience to everybody as well as an improvement to this part of the city.


125 Years Ago

October 18, 1888


Frank Curnutt now measures the calico in Kelton’s store.

Try a course of shorthand lessons by mail from Ritner’s Commercial College, St. Joseph, Missouri.

J.K. Reed has moved into the house recently occupied by his son, O.A.; Oscar having gone to the farm.

Joe Cobb and family are now residents of Ava, having moved into the house recently vacated by Lewis Hampton.

All persons indebted to Dr. Harper must settle in the next 60 days as he is closing up his business, preparing to put in a full stock of drugs.

Horace Curnutt left last Tuesday for Springfield where he has accepted a position in the wholesale hardware house of W.C. Kelton. Horace is a universal favorite with the young people of Ava and his departure is regretted by all.

On Tuesday, ye editor and attorneys J.K. Buger, A.B. Head, J.H. Payne and Wm. Miller, republican candidate for treasurer, procured substantial conveyance and started for the village of Rome in the southwest part of the county to take in the free-for-all discussion of the whell and republican candidates.  The crowd was not large, especially when the candidates on the wheel ticket were taken out as they were there in full force.

Chief Justice Fuller is far from tall, but his new gown of office took more silk in construction than the dress of a society woman.

The Empress of Austria is said to own twenty pet horses and twice as many dogs, after whose proper entertainment she personally sees every day.

Belva Ann Lockwood has been married twice, is a graduate of two colleges, and has twice run for the presidency. Altogether she seems quite two-two.

A well-known American publisher says that the works of Charles Dickens can hardly be brought out fast enough to keep up with the demand, while reprints of Thackeray hardly pay for the paper used.

Prince Eugene, youngest son of the King of Sweden, who is a radical and believes in a republican form of government, has withdrawn from the Free Masons, because he thinks that order in Scandinavia is too conservative.

Buffalo Bill’s western home is a ranch of 3,000 acres of prairie land, a little over three miles out from North Platte, Neb. On it are kept a score or more of Shetland ponies and Colonel Cody’s pet horse Auctioneer, a handsome, coal-black Arabia charger.

The Vermonters are thrifty people as their investments in the savings banks of the state demonstrate, the average of 57,520 depositors being rather more than $280.

The powerful light yet set up is that in a lighthouse on the Isle of Wight, estimated at 6,000,000 candles.