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Don’t Be Scammed By Door-to-Door Solicitors, Workers

The Herald was contacted this week about a local individual who was scammed by people claiming to do driveway paving.
It seems a couple of men stopped by the house in Ava and told the resident they did asphalt paving and sealing. They offered to seal the driveway for $325.
The homeowner wrote the men a check and they agreed to come back and do the work. They did not return, and when the homeowner attempted to call the number on the business card, the person who answered the phone claimed to not know anything about the business and hung up.
A county official who was approached about the circumstances also tried the phone number on the card, and got a message that the number was not in service.
The homeowner’s check was cashed immediately, and a complaint has been filed with the Ava Police Department.
In the meantime, homeowners are cautioned to be wary of individuals who go door-to-door soliciting business, and to never pay for work before it is completed.
If you don’t know the individual, ask for references and check those references before agreeing to having work done.