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Miller-Hall Reunion Held September 22

On Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013 the 28th Miller-Hall Reunion was held at the Ava City Park. There were 35 relatives and friends in attendance.

The day was spent visiting, sharing family stories and pictures.

Margaret Rosseau was spokesperson for the day. Earnie Cook asked the blessing before the delicious potluck dinner was served.

Gifts were presented to oldest man, Delmar Rosseau; oldest lady, Nora Hunsaker; youngest, Gage Nelson; newlyweds, Nora and Lee; most grandchildren present, Jack and Barbara Breshears; coming the farthest, Ken and Debbie Wise; adult drawings, Betty Morris, Gary Moore and Lora Kay Davis.

This year we had four births reported: Bryer Steven Dry, Jaycee Jane Roberts, Wyatt and Tye Romans and Bentlee Alan Seaborn. We had one death – Patty Jo Hall Dickens, missed by all.

Candy jar guessing game winner was Joel Miller. All the kids received goodie bags.

Those attending the 28th annual reunion were oldest direct Miller descendent – Nora Miller Hunsaker and oldest direct Hall descedent – Juanita Hall Shebiel.

Others attending were: Delmar and Margaret Rosseau, Lee Williams, Jack and Barbara Breshears, Eileen Richards, Mike and Trenton McCullough, Marcy White and boy, Christine Breshears, Betty Morris, Vern and Kathleen Detherage, Dwayne and Teresa Nash, Aymee Nelson, Ebanee and Gage, Lisa Breshears, Bryon and Jennifer Withers, Gary and Bevy Moore, Joel Miller, Lora Kay Davis, Ken and Debbie Wise, David Dickens, Jessica and Amanda Cook, Helen and Earnie Cook.

Debbie Wise read a Genealogy poem brought in from Joel Miller.

Everyone enjoyed the day of sharing family information.

Mark you calendar, next years reunion will be held at the Ava Community Center due to weather and agreement of those present on Sunday, October 5, 2014.

The Saturday night get-together at Jack and Barbara Breshears was very enjoyable by those attending.