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Letter to the Editor 9.26.2013

I commend Jean Scrivner for feeling compelled to comment on my Letter to the Editor of a few weeks ago.  She wondered where I get my information.  True, much of it does come from the Internet from sites that give the information source.  To put all of that data into such a letter would take a whole page of the Herald and we know that wouldn’t fly.
As to the word “dhimmitude”, Keith Moore did a good research on that.  Many Internet sites give repeated views on that word.  As I stated in my article, the word itself is not to be found in the health care bill voted in by Congress (unread) but, as with many words in many languages, the meaning of this  word can be referred to by using other words – the result is the same.  By the way, I do check out sources before passing e-mails on, a lesson I learned some time ago.  Regarding the exemptions from the health care, some of those exempted are specific unions, Muslims (the Quaran supposedly admonishes against insurance) and the Amish.  By the way the health care bill apparently gives the government full access to all bank accounts.  Does that make you feel safe?
Congratulations to Ms. Scrivner for her research into chaplains – I know firsthand about their being censored.  One Chaplain, I forget his name, made headline news for being released from the Navy for using the name of Jesus Christ in his homilies.  It was said to be insensitive to other religions.  My brother had been a 31 year Navy man, a Master Chief Petty Officer, and then worked in a government position for our Navy.  When he passed away in 2006 in Chesapeake, VA our family tried to get a Navy Chaplain for the funeral service.  The Navy, reeling from that Navy Chaplain ordeal in the news refused to allow a Navy Chaplain to officiate at my brother’s funeral, in spite of my brother’s eldest son being a Navy Commander.  My brother was Lutheran, his children all Catholic.  We ended up at the last minute with a very nice Baptist minister officiating at the service and he used the name of Jesus Christ.  The Navy did provide an honor guard.
I do wish I had kept the source of information on Muslims in offices in Washington, D.C.  Multiples of Muslims have been placed in multiples of offices there, not necessarily in charge but in places of influence, Homeland Security, Health and Education to name but two.
On another topic I have learned that our National Debt in 2008 was 9 trillion dollars, in 2012 it was 15.556 trillion dollars.  Thank you Ms. Pelosi!  The number of taxpayers paying income tax is at 49%.  Food stamp recipients under Pres. Clinton were 23 million, under Pres. Bush were 23.5 million, today there are 39.5 million recipients.  Presently, plans have been exposed to increase our income payroll tax from 37.4% to 52.2%; to increase capital gains from 14% to 28%; the dividend tax from 15% to 39.6%; and estate tax that was 0% in 2010 to 55%.  When I sold out my farms in 1991/1992 the capital gains nearly wiped me out.  Some of you may have similar horror stories.  And, what happens when that 49% figure drops even lower what with so many jobs being sent out of our country?   Who will they get to support food stamps, etc.?  Remember what happened in Germany in the 1930’s?  They just printed more and more money with less and less value (a bucket of currency for a pound of butter?).  That isn’t what I want for my descendants.  And, I am curious as to what happened to that gold reserve we had at Fort Knox, which has not been audited since 1974.
Carol Boeddeker-Genet
Dogwood, Mo.