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Christos House Sponsors Activities As Reminder That Domestic Violence Hurts

October is Domestic Villence Awareness Month, and Christos House will sponsor special activites to make us aware that domestic violence is all around us.
Some of the special activities will include:
Clothesline Project – The Clothesline Project is a visual display of survivor stories.  A clothesline is hung with shirts that have been decorated to represent a woman’s particular experience with domestic violence, either by a survivor, or someone who cares about her.  The project started in 1990 in Hyannis, Massachusetts with 31 shirts.  Since that time, projects have begun in communities all across the world.  The purpose of the project is four-fold.
• To bear witness to the survivors as well as the victims of domestic violence.
• To help with the healing process for people who have lost a loved one or are survivors of domestic or sexual violence.
• To educate, document, and raise society’s awareness of the extent of the problem of domestic violence.
• To provide a nationwide network of support, encouragement and information for other communities starting their own Clothesline Projects.
The Clothesline Project will be on display Oct. 7-13 at the West Plains Civic Center on the mezzanine.
Art Contest – In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Christos House holds an annual art contest for school students in our eight county area to raise awareness of domestic violence.  The topics for the art contest are as follows:  Elementary: “Hands Are Not for Hitting”, Middle: “Love is Not Abuse”, High School: “Out of the Darkness.” Winning entries will be on display at the West Plains Civic Center from Oct. 7-13 on the mezzanine. Winners will be awarded a trophy and cash prize, as well as be invited to attend our annual banquet, celebrating survivors, with their families.
Movie Night – Christos House will be featuring the film “No One Would Tell”, a true story about teen dating violence starring Candace Cameron and Fred Savage on Oct. 8 at 5 p.m. at the West Plains Civic Center Theater. Following the film, we will have a question and answer session and a candlelight vigil march the courthouse.  This event is free to the community and a children’s room will be available.
Silent Witness – The Silent Witness Initiative began in 1990 with a group of women, upset about the growing number of women in Minnesota being murdered by their partners or acquaintances, joined forces with several other women’s organizations to do something to recognize this.  Their mission was to create something that would commemorate the lives of the 26 women whose lives had been lost in 1990 as a result of domestic violence.  After much thought, they began to design 26 free-standing, life-sized red wooden figures, each representing someone whose life ended by domestic violence.  The organizers called the figures Silent Witnesses.
The purpose of the Silent Witness Initiative is to honor the lives tragically lost at the hands of domestic violence.  At the same time, it raises awareness of domestic violence, with a goal of zero domestic violence homicides by 2020.  For more information, visit