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Ava Middle School Lady Bears Travel To Willow Springs and West Plains

The Ava Middle School VolleyBears were on the road last week to Willow Springs and West Plains.
Monday, Sept. 16 they traveled to Willow Springs to come home with two wins.  Ava 7th grade beat Willow in a 2-game match 25-5 and 25-20.
Kiaunna Snow served 12/13 and had one hit; Macey Phillips was 7/8 serving and 4/4 passing; Kate McDonald and Lauren Mendel were each 4/4 serving; Araina Evans was 5/5 passing; Gracie Heinlein was 2/2 hitting, 2/2 serving and 2/2 passing.
Ava 8th grade battled to win a three game match. After dropping game one, 15-25, they battled back and won games two and three 25- 21, 25-22
Becca Dudley was 8/8 serving; Jasmine Dalton was 6/7 serving and 20/22 passing;  Sierra Boatman was 7/8 serving, 18/18 passing, 6/7 setting; McKenzie Hall was 6/8 serving and 15/16 passing; Marissa Reynolds and Kathrin Buff were 9/10 passing; Makayla Diel was 9/11 passing and 4/4 hitting; Madison Freeman was 11/12 passing and 6/6 setting; Kaylee Evans was 17/21 passing and had one hit.
On Tuesday, Sept. 17, Ava traveled to West Plains.  Ava 7th grade defeated the Zizzers in a three game match.  Ava 8th grade fell to West Plains after two games.
Ava 7th grade came out to a slow start with a 14-25 loss in game one, but battled back and won game two 25-21 and didn’t look back ending the match with a 25-10 win in game three.  Setter Ashton Bewley set her team up 16/17 times and she was also 9/10 hitting and 36/39 passing. Setter Kate McDonald was 12/12 setting and 26/32 passing;  Jada Gunter was 14/16 hitting, 16/19 serving; Kiaunna Snow passed 23/25; Gracie Heinlein was 10/11 serving and 24/24 passing; Macey Phillips was 5/6 serving, 27/29 passing and had 4 hits; Kenzie Lumley was 8/10 passing; Araina Evans served 5/5; Haley Hawkins served 3/3 and in game two and three came in to serve game point.
The girls also played a 10 minute extra game with West Plains which the Zizzers were leading 12-19 at the end of play.  Megan Goforth was 2/2 serving and 6/6 passing; Taylor George was 5/6 passing; Araina Evans was 2/3 serving and 4/4 passing.
Ava 8th grade played West Plains stronger than last week but still fell to the Zizzers in two games.  Becca Dudley was 6/6 serving; Marissa Reynolds and Sierra Boatman were each 5/5 serving, Reynolds was also 6/7 setting; Haylee hare was 4/4 serving; Kathrin Buff was 10/11 passing and 1/2 hitting; Kaylee Evans was 4/4 setting and had one hit for Ava and Makayla Diel was 3/3 passing.
The 8th grade also played an extra 10 minute game that West Plains was leading 12-19 at the end of 10 minutes.  Faith Stephens was 6/6 passing and 1/1 serving; Liliana Hernandez was 3/4 serving and 3/3 passing; Emily Little was 7/10 passing; Becca Dudley was 2/2 serving and 2/3 passing.