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Private Jarrett Huffman Graduates From Marine Corps Recruit Training

PHuffmanrivate First Class Jarrett S. Huffman, son of Scott and Gail Huffman, Ava, recently graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Training in San Diego, Calif.
During the 13 week training cycle, PFC Huffman learned the basics of battlefield survival and studied a variety of military subjects, including first aid, history, close order drill, close combat techniques of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, and rifle marksmanship. He qualified a Rife Expert, the highest rating. Marines must qualify at 200, 300 and 500 meters known distance as well as on the field firing range with the M16A4 service rifle.
Rigorous physical conditioning was emphasized throughout. The culminating event was a 54-hour endurance course under simulated combat conditions, consisting of a series of obstacles and objectives, totaling 36 miles of foot movement, with food and sleep deprivation.
Following 10 days leave, he will attend the intense School of Infantry at Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Pendleton, Calif. Following two additional months of infantry training for his primary military occupation specialty, PFC Huffman will attend Marine Corps Security Forces training in Virginia.
His five-year contract assigns him to serve his first two years with Marine Corps Security Forces following entry level training and the remaining two and a half years of his contract in a deployable infantry battalion.
PFC Huffman is a 2013 graduate of Ava High School. He joined the Marine Corps in June 2012.
He is third generation United States Marine. His father, is retired Chief Warrant Officer Five Scott W. Huffman who served over 27 years on active duty. His grandfather, Sergeant Dorsey B. Huffman (deceased) served as a combat Marine during the Korean War. Both his father and grandfather graduated from MCRD San Diego, Infantry training at Camp Pendleton, and served in infantry battalions.