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Let Someone Know If You Plan to Burn

Rural fire departments are often dispatched to brush fires in their area, only to arrive on scene and find a landowner is burning a brush pile or a plot of land on purpose. Fire departments have even, on occasion, put out fires that the landowner wanted to burn.
If you are a landowner and plan to burn, please notify the fire department in your area and/or the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.
Rural fire departments of Douglas County are supported by their members, and every time a truck goes out, it costs money for fuel. When those calls are unnecessary, it is a waste of both money and time of the volunteer firemen who answer the call.
Many times, a passing motorist will see fire burning along the road or in the distance and call the Sheriff’s Department, which in turn, dispatches a fire department.
All rural fire departments of the county are now dispatched through the Sheriff’s Office, so you can do yourself and your local fire department a great service by letting them know ahead of time that you plan to burn.
At the same time, if your controlled burn gets out of hand, let the Sheriff’s Office know so that help can be dispatched in a timely manner. Don’t hesitate to call for help when you need it.
Most fire departments still have a local number you can call, but you can reach any department in the county by contacting the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 417-683-1020.
In the City of Ava the emergency number is 683-4321.