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What About This . . .? 9.12.2013

Who says you can’t fight City Hall?  Who says bureaucracies are intractable?

As many of you know, the Social Security Administration (SSA) deals almost daily with 150,000,000 people more or less.  So, it is not surprising that every now and then, the folks at the SSA make a small error.

As an example of such an error I recently found that the SSA was under the impression that I have been dead for 17 years!

I found this to be most disconcerting. Many of my friends and family (unfortunately, not all) agreed with me that this was indeed an error – that I was not dead.

We must all be very sensitive to such misinformation and correct it immediately as it is discovered.  Thus, I quickly telephoned the SSA to alert them to my vertical status and then, as an afterthought, followed up that call with an explanatory letter. And over the next few weeks the SSA and I exchanged four letters and many, many telephone calls.

Some people think the Social Security Administration never listens to us and is impervious to argument. This, at least in my case, is not so.  The SSA demonstrated quite a bit of bureaucratic flexibility.  As a direct result of my several letters and telephone calls to the SSA have now been informed that I have been dead for only six years!

Who says you can’t fight City Hall?