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Retired Teachers To Meet September 17

There has been a change in the September meeting date for the retired teachers and other school personnel. This meeting that usually occurs on the second Tuesday of the month will be held September 17 after eating with the Senior Citizens at the Ava Community Center. The guest speaker for this meeting will be Missouri State Senator, Mike Cunningham, of the 33rd District if he is back from the veto session that started on the 11th.

Marie Bristol will report on the MRTA Delegate Assembly that was held September 9 and the MRTA that was held Wednesday the 10th.

The Douglas and Ozark Counties will be voting on whether to change the regular meeting date from the second Tuesday of the month to the third Tuesday of the month starting in 2014.

Scholarships applications are due this month and those who will be receiving scholarships will be announced at the October RTA meeting.