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City Council Meets, Approves Summit Natural Gas Contract

The Ava Board of Aldermen met Tuesday afternoon to hold the first meeting in September, with only a few items on the agenda.  Council also held an executive session, but no decisions or votes were reported.

During the meeting, councilmen unanimously voted to sign a contract renewal with Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, a distribution company that provides natural gas to homes and businesses in Ava.  The contract was originally discussed during the Aug. 13 business meeting, and at the time, council declined to sign the contract due to the stipulation of a 20-year commitment.

The new agreement accepted by council on Tuesday offered a five-year contract term, and five percent franchise fee, as requested by the board.

The new contract, which required two separate readings, was approved in motions from Bill Long and Ric Engelhardt, and Ric Engelhardt and Burrely Loftin, respectively.

The contract renewal date is Sept. 27, 2013.

Janice Lorrain reported the walk-thru of the restroom facility recently completed at the city park’s upper level transpired Wednesday, Sept. 4, and primarily only minor repairs were noted in the assessment, except for the concrete floor.

Lorrain advised there is an issue in the concrete where markings appear in the surface.  She explained “you can see evidence of the machine tool used on the surface.” She noted the problem is an appearance issue, and to-date, a practical solution has not been recommended or determined.

Lorrain reported only one bid was received for the proposed skatepark construction project. The submission was from Kenney-Hall Construction Co., Long Lane, Mo., and the bid amount was $78,700.  Lorrain noted the firm’s references have not been verified, therefore more information will be forthcoming at a later date.

Lorrain reported the Rural Water Grant extension the City of Ava had requested was approved for another year.  The grant money is being used to facilitate and pinpoint problems linked to the defective well south of Ava.

Council approved payment of bills and adjourned to closed session.

Aldermen present were Bill Long, Burrely Loftin, Ric Engelhardt and David Norman.

The aldermen will reconvene on Tuesday, Sept. 24, in council chambers at City Hall.  Meetings begin at 5:00 p.m.