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Republican Women’s Club Welcomes Special Guests To Aug. 20 Meeting

The Douglas County Republican Women’s Club met on Aug. 20 at 5 p.m.
Karry Davis, Douglas County Clerk, was the guest speaker. She gave a summary of her duties which include sending out forms to all schools and other entities so that they can set their levies for the following year.  Levies are set by Sept. 1 each year.  All of the departments need to remain in compliance with state laws.
She works on the budget with the commissioners and all elections of federal, state, and county officials.  Karry works on the financial statement that is done annually and posted in the Douglas County Herald.  She writes salary checks for the Douglas County elected officials in the courthouse.
All calls for the commissioners are answered by the clerk’s office.  Karry has many hats.  She has worked in the clerk’s office since she was in high school, and has been the County Clerk since 1999.  It is a four-year term of office.
There were many questions for Karry and everyone enjoyed knowing more about her and the duties she has as county clerk.
Curtis Trent, Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Representative Billy Long, Seventh District, Missouri, was also introduced.
Curtis resides in Washington D.C. during Congress’s session and was home for a few days.
He grew up in Douglas County and his parents live here.
He was able to give us an overall description of his job and the present interest in D.C.
He mentioned that the three major issues are immigration, the debt ceiling, and government funding.  The federal government is funded until Sept. 30.  At that time they will either have to raise the debt ceiling or shut the government down.
Pro Life issues are seeing some movement. They rely on the feedback from their constituents and received around 100 emails and letters per week.
The Republican Women are hoping to have him come to their meetings periodically to update them on the political climate in Washington, D.C.
Constitutional education articles will be evaluated at the next meeting.
The idea to have an essay contest for high school students and give the winner a scholarship was suggested.  Everyone liked the idea and will be coming up with guidelines for the contest.
Our next meeting will be Sept. 17 at 5 p.m. in the basement of the Courthouse.  All Republicans are welcome to attend.