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Looking Backward 8.22.2013

25 Years Ago

August 18, 1988


A move is under way to mark county roads.  The need for county road markers and a uniform num­bering system has been discussed and debated for months –– even years – and this issue has always topped at one point – money.

The Douglas County Historical and Genealogical Society of Ava, has purchased a building from R.W. Hale, known as the H.S. Wilson House.  The venture by the Historical Society will serve as a museum and will be restored completely, as much as possible.

An elaborate remodeling and expansion project has been started at Clinkingbeard Funeral Home, Ava. The new construction will include a new chapel with other changes being made in the use of the existing building.

Armadillos are not exactly native to the Missouri Ozarks, but they are becoming more common here.  Armadillos are toothless, burrowing animals normally associated with Texas and Central and South America.

Senior Airman Johnny W. Pellham, son of Elmo E. and Nancy J. Pellham of Ava, is the unit airman of the quarter for April through June 1988.

Ann Huguenin, recognized in Ava as Annabelle Briscoe, was recently featured in the Westmoreland (Va.) News for her poetic talents.  Huguenin, who graduated from Ava High School in 1970, admits she would rather read historical novels or certain fiction than another poet’s work, yet she finds words are often swift to flow during the evenings when she does her writing.

Earnie Ware celebrated his 101st birthday at Crestview Healthcare in Ava last Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Caudill will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday, Aug. 21.  William Martin Caudill and Stella Mae Maggard were married Aug. 12, 1928 at Mt. Olive Landmark Missionary Baptist Church at Highlonesome by Eld. John T. Pruett.

Rick Graham, employee of the City of Ava, killed a huge copperhead snake last week near Arno.  The big snake measured about 36 inches long, which is large for a copperhead.

50 Years Ago

August 15, 1963


J.W. Reese, president of the Citizens Bank of Ava, retired Tuesday as head of the 58-year-old institution, and sold his interest to three Ava men.  Mr. Reese retiring after 43 years of service, because of ill health, retained his position as chairman of the board of directors.  Mr. Reese is 90-years-old.

Fifty to 60 boys were expected to report at 9 o’clock this morning for the official start of football practice at Ava High School. Coach Allen Welker said that equipment would be issued this morning.

Ava Girls Elected To District Offices –– The Ava Theta Rho Girls Club Number 47 attended the district meeting at Houston, Saturday, Aug. 10.  Three Ava Girls were elected to offices:  Janet Fry, president; Linda Collins, treasurer; and Marla Collins, marshall.  Debby Coats of Ava was the outgoing president.

Mr. and Mrs. Harve Heatherly, Route 5, Ava, announce the marriage of their daughter, Velta, to Clifford Cunningham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cunningham of Ava.

The painting of numbers and letters on the new city street markers was completed last week.

The second member of the Missouri Highway Patrol to be stationed in Douglas County is transferred today to a troop at Kirkwood. Trooper Homer Grose has been here several years and has performed capably in his law enforcement duties.  There have been hints that the Highway Patrol may be very slow about sending a replacement to Ava because of the reports that there is considerable apathy among local citizens toward this added law enforcement protection.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, –– Larry W. Owens, airman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Owens of Ava, Mo., was promoted to his present rate July 16 while serving with Training Squadron 29 at the Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Yeoman, a pioneer Ava couple, observed their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, Aug. 4.  The couple was married Aug. 6, 1913, at the Ava home of Mrs. Yeoman’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kay, and the late Rev. G.R. Curry performed the ceremony.

LAWRENCE, Kan. –– Miss Linda Pettit of Ava, is among the University of Kansas fine arts students receiving scholarships during the 1963-64 academic year.

Ozark County has been chosen as the first county in the southwest portion of Missouri to begin a new immunization program. Vaccine will be furnished to Ozark County to be administered by Dr. A. Beard, Dr. M.T. Hoerman and Dr. D.K. Sams.

23rd Annual Douglas County Fair, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Aug. 22, 23, 24, Fairgrounds, Ava.  Awards, prizes, exhibits, contests, games, shows, and rides.   Wildlife exhibit and other displays by the Missouri Conservation Commis­sion.

WASOLA –– Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cudworth and girls of Ava were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Hicks.


75 Years Ago

August 18, 1938


Ava school children who return to school next month to find class rooms and halls dusted and cleaned and scrubbed to shiny brightness will have local WPA women to thank.

Most of Douglas County’s 111 schools are now in session, and all are expected to be in operation by the first of September.  One or two schools started in July.

Oliver Lipscomb of McClurg is being held in Jail in Springfield this week by6 federal authorities following a hearing Monday in federal court in Springfield. Lipscomb was arrested Saturday night by Sheriff Lincoln M. Barnes and Deputy Lester Eslick when they searched his car near Squires and found two half gallon fruit jars “full of colored distilled spirits, the containers of which did not have affixed a stamp denoting quantity and payment of tax.” There were also eleven empty whiskey bottles in pin and half pint sizes in the car.  Sale or reuse of such bottles is forbidden by federal law.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hartley, Ava, Route 3, announce the birth of a six and one half pound son, Marion Leon, on August 9.

Postponement of the finals in the fourth annual Miss Missouri beauty pageant at Sedalia until September or October was announced in a letter received Tuesday by Miss Betty McClendon, who won the right to enter the state pageant in being awarded the title of Miss Ava in a pageant conducted here last spring under auspices of the Ava Lions Club.

For Autumn Fashion Parade –– The growing seasonal attention to autumn and winter fashions makes the “little girl” design an attractive eyeful.  Black gaiyak fur is the big feature, while Scotch plaid silk facing adds a flattering touch of color above a bandeau of the fur.

The children and friends of Mrs. Willie Hutchison gathered in her home Monday for a surprise birth­day dinner and shower for Mrs. Hutchison, who was celebrating her birthday anniversary. Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. Curt Evans and son, Billy Joe, Mrs. Clarence Elliott and son, Eugene, Mrs. Susie Sisco and two children, Mrs. J.T. Adams, Miss Hazel Cooney and the honoree.

ROME –– The Lone Star school house has been painted this summer and school started Monday, with Miss Ressie Mackey and Leonard Fulton as teachers.

DOGWOOD –– Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Painter and sons, Etcyl, Glenn, Dale and Orville, attended the old settlers reunion at Licking Saturday.

ARNO –– Mr. and Mrs. Audy Posey and son, Jimmy, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Posey.

MT. TABOR –– Light showers and continued cloudiness give us hope of a good rain soon.

Journeys afoot have been made by the U.S. Marines across the desert sands of Africa, through tropical jungles, or in France when haste was urgent, but a hike made by the sea soldiers in hostile Korea in 1894 was among the most noteworthy of these marches.


100 Years Ago

August 28, 1913


Ava is to have electric lights – when?  In about four months.  This is according to the present plans of the promoters.  A franchise was granted to J.W. Pettit & Co. last Monday, as a special City election held for that purpose, by a vote of 88 to 2.

WANTED – To contract for 200 white oak poles, 20 ft. long, delivered at Ava.         J.W. Pettit.

The good roads days in Ava last Wednesday and Thursday were a decided success and a lot of good was accomplished.  Practically all the roads leading to Ava carry marks of some effective work. The Mansfield roads are the only ones which did not receive any support from Ava, but it is hoped that in the near future there will be set a special day for work on these roads.

Uncle Joe Inman, 84-years-old, did two good days road work; also Uncle Green Rounder, 89, did some work on roads. What county can beat that? These men are both old Soldiers.

A lively crowd departed for Brown’s Cave Monday for a few days camping trip. They were Misses Esther, Lela and Myrtle Curnutt, Messrs Cecil and Oden Reynolds and Fred Kennedy.  Miss Sarah Dickerson acted as chaperon.

We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fleming on the arrival of a son, Wednesday, August twentieth, weighing eleven and one half pounds. The name Harry ahs been bestowed upon the youngster in honor of Harry Martin.

G.B. Wilson was called to Springfield the first of the week owing to the severe illness of his little daughter who in St. John’s Hospital and very low with typhoid fever.

Lincoln Barnes disposed of his livery business last week to Harry Martin and departed Monday for Afton, Okla. Where he expects to engage in the same line. He went over land with his teams and equipment, accompanied by Ernest Norris, John Cox and Vernie Eslick.

Ozark, in Christian County is to have a cheese factory. Cheese factories ought to be all over the Ozark country – and in time they will be.

The Ava schools will open next Monday morning.


125 Years Ago

August 30, 1888


It is not at all likely that the Democrats can be induced to favor a war upon Canada.  Too many of them found a safe and hospitable asylum in that country at a certain time as bounty-jumpers and evaders of the draft.

Grasshoppers are causing terrible ravages near Ottawa, Ontario.  Farmers complain very much of the depredations. A local naturalist who visited the infected district made a calculation and estimates the number of creatures on each square mile of territory to be upward of 100,000,000.

There is now on exhibition at the Alexandra Palace, London, a steam lifeboat built of steel. It is absolutely unsinkable, is uncapsizable, works with twin screws placed where they will not be lifted out of the water and can be raised instantly on coming to shore. The engines and fires are perfectly protected and the draught of the vessel with fifteen men on board is only twelve inches.

While Captain Fred Tappen of the ferryboat South Brooklyn and the Misses Walcott of Stapleton, S.I., were sailing in a catboat in the lower New York Bay, they were startled by a big shark appearing near their craft. The shark – of the man-eating species – came so close that Captain Tappen battered it over the head with his oar until its blood made the water crimson. The shark finally sank.

The forces of the Congo Free State, Africa, have recaptured Stanley Falls station from the rebels.

The coal dealers of Chicago have decided to advance their prices 25 cents per ton to meet the new railroad rates.

The population of the country on the 1st of January of the present year is estimated at 62,523,597.  When the census of 1880 was taken the population was 50,155,783.  The country is growing, and while temporary losses may cause embarrassment at times in some cases the condition of the people is improving.

Those who are trying to break up the baneful habit of intemperance will experience great benefit from the use of Prickly Ash Bitters.  Liquor deranges the system.  Prickly Ash Bitters will remedy the evil results and restore the brain, stomach and liver to healthy action, thereby strengthening the will power thoroughly cleaning and toning up the system and remove every taint of disease. It is purely a medicine and while pleasant to the taste, it cannot be used as a beverage by reason of its cathartic properties.

The creeks are booming and some of the boys from the east and west were prevented from getting to the convention today.

Every member of the Harrison and Morton Club see to it they are on hand with a torch, Tuesday at 5 o’clock a.m., for the purpose of attending the grand rally at Mansfield.

The picnic and reunion of the old settlers of Douglas County at Squires Store on last Saturday was quite well attended.