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Retired Teachers Met August 13, 2013

Marie Bristol, Terri Hall, Geraldine Gray, Julane Williams, Betty Moore, Colleen Lakey, Eva Painter, and Norma Stillings met for lunch with the Senior Citizens at the Ava Community Center, Tuesday August 13.

Attorney, Dan Wade, presented a program on being legally prepared. He talked about the value of estate planning and problems that can occur when an estate goes through probate. Having a will allows you to have things done the way you want, but it still has to go through probate. There can be problems with having someone else named on a title to the house. A non-probate transfer can be made by having titles transferred on death making the transfer with a beneficiary deed. A Revocable Living Trust can also be used to transfer assets. Dan Wade also discussed the value of having a Durable Power of Attorney for both business and health care, and of having a Living Will. He answered several questions from the audience.

The meeting date of the September meeting is to be changed from the 10th to the 17th because of a conflict with the state MRTA Annual Delegate Assembly and meeting being held on September 9 and 10. A motion was made to donate $75 to the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation. The motion was seconded and approved.  Marie Bristol was nominated to be delegate and Terri Hall was nominated as alternate. The motion carried with no opposition.

Due to several conflicts with having the RTA meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, a motion was made to change the regularly scheduled meeting from the second Tuesday to the third Tuesday of the month starting in 2014. The motion was made and seconded. This proposed change will be approved or disapproved at the September 17 meeting.

The executive committee reported on the plans that have been made for the MRTA Region 10 meeting that will be held October 18 at Ozark. The Douglas and Ozark Counties RTA is the host for the meeting this year. RTA members will help put together the “Goody Bags” at the September 17th meeting.