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Looking Backward 8.8.2013

  25 Years Ago

August 4, 1988


An impressive 49 percent of the Douglas County voters stepped behind the curtains of the polling booths Tuesday to cast ballots in the primary election.

The largest marijuana raid ever conducted in Douglas County netted officers more than 14,000 plants Monday afternoon.  Sheriff Leonard Sanders said 14,575 marijuana plants were confiscated in the raid.

Martin J. Hathcock, Ava, was recently honored by the Mirrousi Highway and Transportation Department for having completed 25 years of service.  He is a highway maintenance supervisor in the 12-county District 8 area based in Springfield.

Audie Posey and Ralph Gentry, who share the same birth date, August 3, were honored Wednesday afternoon at the Posey home.

Retiring 7th District Congressman Gene Taylor was honored in Ava last Friday night in a rally sponsored by the Republican committees of Douglas and Wright counties.

Ernie Ware, Ava, will celebrate his 101st birthday on Thursday, Aug. 11, and Crestview Healthcare, where he is a resident will host a reception in his honor.

Newly installed officers of the Willing Workers Extension Club are Pearl Rhoades, parliamentarian; Rosa Lee Reuckheim, treasurer; Cathy Moffett, secretary; Lillie Current, vice president; and Doris Gettys president.

STAR –– This week’s birthdays are my uncle Harold Tooley, and my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Bice.

GLENDALE –– Happy birthdays to Charlene Barnes, Dale Beason, Verlin Sellars, Jenny Allen and Brenda Davidson.

50 Years Ago

August 1, 1963


A bountiful three-inch rain here Sunday afternoon and night revived gardens, pastures and crops and sent the month’s total moisture well over the normal figure.

Clinton Gaston, who has been associated with the Kerr Chevrolet Company for a number of years, has purchased a partnership interest in the firm and it will now be known as the Kerr-Gaston Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Company.

The program for the Douglas County Fair is being issued this week as a special supplement to the Douglas County Herald.

Frank W. Aid, livestock farmer of Route 3, Ava, has been named to the Douglas-Ozark Area Farmers Home Administration Committee, it was announced this week by local county FHA Supervisor Kenneth A. Miller.

The Babe Ruth All-Stars have challenged the doddering managers and dads of the lads in the summer baseball program to a baseball duel, and after prolonged negotiations a date has been set for Saturday night. Burial time for the strategists is 3 p.m.

James E. Pueppke has just completed an intensive seven weeks training program at Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, designed to encourage and stimulate his interest in the folds of science and engineering.

Miss Aloma Susan Ludwig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Ludwig of Ava, became the bride of William Cummings, son of Mrs. Audie Turner of Seymour in a 3 o’lock informal ceremony performed Sunday afternoon, July 21, in the New Hope Freewell Baptist Church in north Ava.

Wayne and Virginia Coats, representatives at Ava for United Farm Agency, were given special recognition by their company recently for outstanding salesmanship. They received star salesman’s honors in sales competition with over 350 United Representatives from coast to coast.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Herndon will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Sunday, Aug. 11, with a basket dinner in the basement of the lodge hall at Almartha.

The Douglas County Fair has become a traditional event –– 23 consecutive years –– for showing fine cattle, and proving to the thousands of visitors that this county and this area play an outstanding part in supplying the nation with milk.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Senn and son, Robert, of the Squires community enjoyed a family reunion at their home Sunday when three of their daughters and members of their families arrived to spend the day with them.

EVANS –– Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cunningham had Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Willie Freeman and Twila.

Westminister College at Fulton, chartered in 1852, is one of the oldest liberal arts colleges west of the Mississippi.


75 Years Ago

August 4, 1938


A crowd estimated up to 1,500 persons gathered on the square in Ava Tuesday night and heard results of the primary balloting broadcast over the amplifying equipment at the Norman-Gentry Drug Store.  As returns from the Douglas County precincts were received in the circuit court courtroom by County Clerk Frank Givans, they were tabulated by the county clerk, assisted by L. E. Reynolds and by members of the Herald staff and others interested.  Returns were then telephoned by the county clerk to the drug store where they were broadcast over the square.  The Missouri Standard telephone company furnished a telephone for the circuit court room for the night, and the drug store furnished the sound equipment.

Lester Eslick, Benton Township constable and deputy sheriff, was nominated for re-election as contable over Harold Hutchison in Tuesday’s primary.

Ava added to a winning streak here Sunday afternoon when it won its fourth straight baseball game, defeating Mountain Grove 8 to 2.

Preparations for the 1938 Douglas County Fair and proposals for a $16,000 community building and a sewer system for the City of Ava will be discussed tonight (Thursday) at the regular monthly meeting of the Ava Chamber of Commerce, according to L.H. Pettit, president of the organization.

Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Atteberry entertained a group of boys with a swimming party at Jackson’s Mill Tuesday afternoon in honor of their son, John Francis, on his ninth birthday anniversary.  Those attending were Sammy Wiggins, Lyle Clinkingbeard, Otis Taylor, Leonard Shipman, Bobby Burris, Fred Ellis and John Francis Atteberry.

G.W. Pugsley, a technical man with the U.S. Forest Service, has been transferred from Rolla to Camp F-10 at Thornfield.

SWEDEN –– Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Welton spent Monday night in the Otis Welton home.

KOLB –– The showers the last few days are reviving crops and pastures and even the people.

Andy Krider and John Loftin have a tall snake story to tell. While fishing on Little North Fork Saturday evening they killed a large snake.  Wondering what made the snake so big they cut it open and believe it or not there were twenty-five little snakes, each about four inches long.

While in Ava Saturday Joe Pitts accompanied Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Hale to the Carnation plant. This was their first visit and they enjoyed watching the ease and rapidity with which the milk is handled and surprised at the quantity delivered to the one plant.

ROBERTSON –– School will begin here next Monday, August 8, with Miss Mary Roy and Miss Margaret Morgan of Ava as teachers.

The Pleasant Green baseball team was winner over Breedon Sunday.  They played at the Pleasant Green diamond.


100 Years Ago

August 14, 1913


J.W. Pettit and his associates are asking the people for a franchise to light the city.  To use Big Spring at the Wilson Mill as the motive power.  An election will be held on Monday the 25th day of August 1913, in the said city to vote on the proposition.  The agreement would be for a term of ten years.

A petition signed by 110 tax payers of the City of Ava, was presented to the County Court last week asking them to build and construct cement walks from the four sides of the courthouse square to the court building, also to curb the square and otherwise improve the county property.  The court refused to take any action on the matter, claiming to be broke, and the petition was laid aside.

Admitting that he did not know much about the tariff, Abraham Lincoln said, “But I do know this – if we buy our goods abroad, the other country has our money and we have the goods.  If we buy them at home, we have both the money and goods.”  And, that is much farther on the road to a solution of the tariff question than most of our wisest statesmen get.

The wedding of Miss Florence Kay and Emmett Yeoman was solemnized at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Kay on Wednesday evening, August sixth at six o’clock. Rev. George Curry officiating.   Miss Effie Fletcher was maid of honor and Burney Kay, brother of the bride, acted as groomsman.

Ben Rogers, who is about 17, and as trifling a piece of humanity as ever walked the earth, attacked the little daughters, 7 and 9, of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spurlock last Sunday afternoon.  He is in jail and says he is ready to plead guilty and take his sentence. The alarm was given by one of the little girls who got from him and told her parents.  The girls were not hurt, as the action after the alarm was too rapid.

The crops of this part of the country have suffered severely this year for the want of sufficient rainfall.

A ten-pound daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Levan Thursday, August 7th. The name Juanita May has been given.  Mrs. Levan was prior to her marriage Miss Cammie Anderson.

In Mansfield they are macadamizing the streets around the square.  The work is being done by popular subscription and many farmers have contributed as well as the citizens of Mansfield.

We are glad that Ava is to have a Chautauqua this year September 7th to 12th and we hope as many as possible will take advantage of it. The word “Chautauqua” is an Indian word and means rest, lay aside cares, and besides the recreation if affords, it will be of great benefit in an educational sense.

On Wednesday evening of last week, Miss Sota Bradshaw entertained the following party at cards:  Misses, Ethel Murray, Ava Quigley, Katheryn Olsen, Grace Grasham, Ranie Miller, Sybil Stewart, Esther Curnutt, Otha Banks of Seymour, and Mrs. Harry Martin;  Messrs, Elmer Curry, Frank Davis,Albert Dobyns, Frank Murray, Irlee Curry, Quincy Norman, Acquilla Clarke, Harry Martin and Harry Bruton of Seymour.


125 Years Ago

August 16, 1888


Four of the notorious Hatfield gang of Pike County, Kentucky, are reported trying to get to a railroad through the mountains of West Virginia.

Nearly all the railroads centering in Kansas City have suffered considerable damage by the late storm.

A Topeka woman shows considerable nerve by protecting herself against a burglar with a revolver.

Thieves entered the apartments of the Crown Prince of Sweden at a hotel in Franzousbad, broke open his jewel case, and escaped with $100,000 worth of property, including some trinkets of great historical and artistic value.

SHENANDOAH, PAGE, CO.  – About 11o’clock Friday night a mob of about 200 men broke down the doors of the jail in this city, took out Frank Phillips, a prisoner committed for trial for an attempt to commit an outrage on the little 6-year-old daughter of F.J. Pine, and after stripping him naked applied a liberal coat of tar and feathers all over his body.  After a sever whipping with a heavy whip had been administered he was allowed to go, followed by the crowd, through the streets to the jail.

The letter carriers expected much from the new eight hour law, but in New York, at least, they have been disappointed. Poster Pearson has so distributed the eight hours throughout the day that the men begin work just as early and quit just as late as they did before. This looks very much like a deliberate evasion of the law.

There will be a pic-nic at Newton’s Store on Beaver, the 24th and 25th days of August.

School commences Monday morning with Prof. Tingle and Mrs. J.H. Payne as teachers.

Ladies, just step in at J.A.G. Reynolds and Son’s and see those common sense shoes – none better.

Married in Springfield August 8th, 1888, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Mr. Harvy O. Frank and Miss Anna Douglas, both of Douglas County, Mo.

The Anti-Saloon Republican National Committee has removed its headquarters to No. 1 Broadway, New York City, and desires to hear from temperance Republicans in every part of the country in reference to all matters of interest in their respective localities.  It is especially anxious to know who are willing to do something to help the cause of temperance and Republicanism.  All such will oblige by writing at once giving a short statement of the condition of sentiment in their respective localities, with suggestions as to what should be done to improve matters.  Mere common scolds and pessimistic grumblers will oblige by not trespassing on our time.    Albert Griffin, The Anti-Saloon Rep. Nat’l Comm., No. 1 Broadway, New York City.

Simon Lakey, P.A. Malloy and “Bate” Day started for a trip through Washington Territory and the Northwest yesterday.