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Looking Backward 8.1.2013

  25 Years Ago

July 28, 1988


Ava Engine and Machine Shop, operated in the former DX Station building at 803 N. Jefferson Street by Eddie Mayberry, has been purchased by Green Light Automotive and moved to the shop in the former Harold”s Oil Company building next door to Green Light Automotive, 1104 N. Jefferson.  Green Light Automotive owner Harold Howerton says Eddi4e Mayberry will continue to operate the business and the telephone number of the business will be the same.

C-M Sgt Michael Spurlock of Little Rock, Ark., spent last weekend in Ava with his father, Basil Spurlock, his grandmother, Nora Spurlock, and his son Michael II.

Trampus Taylor of Ava has begun classes in the Automotive Program at Amtech Institute, 4011 E. 31tst, Wichita, Kansas.

MOUNTAIN VIEW –– A country music talent contest held in Mtn. View last week was won by a Douglas County man. Dan Herrell of Ava took first place in the True Value Country Showdown, hosted by the Mtn. View Lions club and radio station KBMV.

Mrs. Owen Shortt received a certificate of recognition in honor of her late husband this week, for his “devoted and selfless consecration” while serving with the U.S. Army in World War II.  Shortt, who died April 29, was a disabled veteran and a recipient of the Bronze Star.

Marilyn G. Farris and Charles Arthur Corum, both of Ava, were united in marriage on Friday, June 17, at 7:30 p.m. at the Ava Church of Christ. Andy Warren, minister at the Ava Church of Christ, performed the double ring ceremony.

Maud Snow will be celebrating her 88th birthday on Aug. 11.

50 Years Ago

July 25, 1963


Members of the White River Valley Historical Society at their annual meeting at Hollister June 30 elected Ralph D. McPherson, Forsyth, as the new president to succeed Dr. R.M. Good of the School of the Ozarks.   Among those elected to honorary member­ship for outstanding contributions to the preservation of local history was Senator J.E. Curry of Ava.

A large barn on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Hale, one-half mile west of Goodhope on Route T, was destroyed by fire at mid-morning Monday after it was struck by lightning.

A memorial service for the late John T. Moore and Tom R. Moore, father and son who both served as circuit judges in this district of Missouri, was held during a recent term of Douglas County Circuit Court.  The father, John T. Moore, lived in Stone County and was elected judge of the 31st judicial circuit in 1904. He served as circuit judge for 12 years.  He died in July 1933 at the age of 72. Tom R. Moore, was born in 1886, and died in May 1959 at Ozark. He served as circuit judge of the 31st circuit from January 1941 until January 1953.

R. O. (Peck) Jenkins, who established the Ava Insurance Company here last November, has closed the firm and returned to Houston, Mo., where he and his family make their home.

The Missouri State Tax Commission has again ordered an increase of assessed valuations on vehicles and cattle in Douglas County.  County Clerk Paul Hesterly received notice from the commission that the value of automobiles and trucks be increased 25 percent and that the value of cattle be upped 20 percent over figures submitted by Assessor Garnet Kelly.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Mallernee, Jr. (Catherine Stephens) announce the birth of a 6-pound, 15-ounce girl at Burge-Protestant Hospital, June 24.

Clearing the deck of ’63 Ramblers, the new shape of quality, now is the time to $ave on Rambler ’63. Campbell Auto Sales, MU3-2213, Ava.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Adams entertained several members of the Adams family on Saturday, July 20, at their country home.  The occasion was to help Mrs. Lou Adams celebrate her 84th birthday which will be July 28.

Miss Sandra Welch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curbey Welch of Route 1, Ava, surprised her parents with a dinner Sunday noon, July 7, to help them celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary.

BLACK OAK –– Miss Anita Kellogg was a guest Sunday of Miss Suzette Turley in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Turley.

Watch that accelerator motorists –– it’s loaded.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn King and Brenda entertained with an ice cream social for the Bryant-Flint Point Club Friday night, July 12.

MT. TABOR –– Mrs. Raymond Sanders is again employed at Rawlings factory.


75 Years Ago

July 28, 1938


Possibilities of a sewer system for Ava are being investigated this week by the city council. The engineering firm of Russell and Axon of St. Louis, engineers who supervised the construction of the Ava waterworks system in 1924, is making a preliminary survey of the town and will submit plans and an estimate of the cost within the near future.

An office has been opened in Ava this week by Dr. C.E. Harlan, osteopath, who comes here from Kirksville where he graduated in June from the Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery. The office is in the Sell Building over Croslin’s store.

Subcommittees and department heads were named this week to prepare for the 1938 annual Douglas County fair, which is to be held at the Ava City Park September 15, 16 and 17.   Appointments were announced by W.I. Barker, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce fair committee.

Souder Livingston, five-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Livingston, fell Wednesday morning and broke his right arm midway between the wrist and the elbow. Souder and his older brother, Bobby, were playing in the Livingston yard when Souder fell. The arm was set by local doctors and the youngster is recovering rapidly.

There will be a Spanish War veterans picnic Sunday, August 7 at the Bryant Bridge on Highway 14 east of Ava, it is announced by J.D. Harnden and I.P. Henson, committee on arrangements.  The meeting is sponsored by William Hughes Camp No. 60, U.S.W.V. of Cabool.

The Ladies played the Fat Men Monday night and beat them 24 to 14 in a softball game that took an extra inning to decide the victor.  Vern Wilson pitched for the men and Florence Tate pitched for the women.

Mr. and Mrs. Palmer McKnight announce the birth of a nine-pound daughter, Phyllis Ann, Monday afternoon, July 25, in the home of Mrs. McKnight’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yandell, just north of town. Mrs. McKnight before her marriage was Miss Winifred Yandell.

Many a man who thinks he is spending his life trying to make the world better, would accomplish more if he would stay at home and cut the weeds.

Assignment of N.E. Morrison of St. Louis as conservation agent for the district comprising Douglas, Howell and Ozark counties was announced officially at Jefferson City this week by the Missouri Conservation Commission.

Polly Prim, The Modern Shop, clearance sale! $1.00 dresses, 88¢; $1.95 dresses, $1.49; $1.00 hats, 79¢; $2.95 hats, $1.29; all colors, white felts included.  Take advantage of these bargains!

EAST PRIOR –– This vicinity is badly in need of rain.  The gardens and crops that haven’t dried up are being devoured by grasshoppers.


100 Years Ago

August 7, 1913


The Browns’ Cave and Its History –– Browns’ Cave is a great formation or tunnel in the rock on the north side of the Bryant River hill, located down the river about two miles from Rippee post office and about six miles from Vera Cruz.  According to the old settlers who are living there now –– who were born and raised in this settlement –– the country first saw civilization something like one hundred years ago.  At that time the “red man” was the inhabitant –– there were no farms, so schools, no churches. The chief occupation was fishing and hunting and trading among the Indians. This was before this wonderful State of Missouri was admitted to the Union (about 100 years ago).  Among the first settlers of whom we could get any record are Tom Brown, Hiram Stout, Dan Sloan and Samp Rippee.

A letter to the County Court from the state Highway Department this week, says that the setting in of finces into or crowding of the public roads, will positively not be further allowed. They ask road overseers to take action in this matter and not allow individuals to set their fences out in the public road. All “county seat to county seat” highways must be 40 feet wide.

MARRIAGE LICENSES – M. L. Moss of Ava to Mary E. Duff of Squires;  Emmet L. Yeoman to Florence L. Kay, both of Ava.

Dick Gaulding and wife, of Texas, have been visiting relatives near Nottinghill for the past trwo weeks.  They came to Ava Monday to visit a while with his half sister, Mrs. Spence Singleton a while before returning to their home in Texas.

Prof. and Mrs. McIntosh have arrived in Ava and are preparing for the opening of the Douglas County Normal. They are pleasantly located in one of the new houses Mr. Geo. R. Curry ahs recently completed in the west part of town.

Jarred Huffman, overseer for the Ava road district asks us to state that there are yet a few who have not paid their full tax. As he must bring suit on all delinquent poll tax by Sept. 1st. he asks that all parties who have not already done so, to call on him at once and make settlement.

Tom Norris and family are preparing to take charge of the Allison Hotel in the near future. Mr. Allison is retiring from business.

Mr. Peter Cowley, tie and timber inspector of the Chicago and Great Western R.R. and Mr. H.J. Bradt, in the same capacity with the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul R.R. are shipping ties this week from the Ava yard of the Western Tie & Timber Co.

It is still dry and hot and crops are suffering severely.


125 Years Ago

August 9, 1888


Don’t forget that the grand republican rally will be held at Ava, August 18th.

The “dear people” have had to suffer this week –– candidates being thicker than chinch bugs.

Ladies, just step in at J.A.G. Reynolds and Sons and see those commonsense shoes –– none better.

The price of eggs is apt to take a rise if Judge Walker and Sheriff Lyons remain in the city many days longer and our good landlord still tries to satisfy their appetite on said fruit.

Our subscription list is booming.  Send 25 cents and get the Herald until November 15th, or send $1.00 and get the Herald one year and the Kansas City Journal until after the election.

The news of General Phil Sheriden was received in Tuesday’s papers, and expressions of deep regrets were general. The flag of the Republican Club was placed at half mast in his honor.

The Springfield Fair which opens September 3rd and continues to the 8th, promises to be the most successful ever held in Springfield. Premiums will be paid to the amount of over $10,000. Balloon ascensions and races every day.

The rains of the past week have been pretty general, and the farmer smiles again.  Elias Hargass’ little son is suffering with spinal fever.

FROM BUCKHART –– There is almost a failure of the corn crop in this vicinity owing to chinchbugs and dry weather combined, and I fear it will be hard times for many of the settlers on new farms.

A petition is being circulated asking that the county court call an election to vote on a proposition to bond the county in the sum of $800 to build a jail.

To make a delicious biscuit ask your grocer for Dwight’s “Cow Brand” soda and take no other.

Fair Warning! Third and last call to the teachers of Douglas County. The Teachers Association will hold its next meeting at the hall in Ava commencing on Thursday, August the 23rd 1888, at 10 o’clock a.m., and will continue three days.

Ava Lodge, No. 26, A. F. & A. M. – meets Thursday night on or after the full moon in even months. H.C. Brown, W.M., L.O. Hailey, secretary.

BANKRUPT SALE! I have to raise $5,000 and will slaughter my stock for the next 90 days to raise the money.  Cash tells, and cash is what makes the lowest prices by W.C. Kelton, Ava, Mo.  Having been in the mercantile business for the last 17 years, past experience proves to me good goods and bottom figures tell the tale and as every one knows, I am the maker of low prices.  Trade is what I want. Money is what talks. Come and get prices on dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, hats and caps, hardware, queensware, stoves, tinware, furniture, etc.  I will tell you again, at prices that will astonish all.  Yours to please, W.C. Kelton, Ava.