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First Annual Richards Reunion

First Annual Richards Reunion was held at the Plainview School gym, June 22, 2013. They are making plans for one next year. These are the descendants of Frank and Jim Richards that settled in the Rome, Missouri area in the 1800’s. Those are the grandchildren of Arther and Lois (Jenkins) Richards.

In attendance were Jim and Sue (Jenkins) Wetherton, Kansas; Eric and Di Rica (Wetherton), Wade, Josh and Jordan, Kansas; Ronnie and Betty Dobbins, Ava; Keith and Michele Richards of Ava, Kevin and Hailey, Zack and Garrett of Ava; Nick and Jennifer (Richards) Pitts, Kyle and Kenny of Ava; John and Emilee (Richards) Patochek, Nixa; Scott and Mary Richards, Cape Girardeau; Gared and Kate (Richards) Reeves, Josh and Luke, Cape Girardeau; Megan (Richards) Frazier, Cape Girardeau; Tony Richards, Ava; Cody and Lisa Richards; Katie and Braxton of Ava; Karl and Christene Richards, Rolla; Ben and Sarah (Richards) Mencurry and Baylor, Rolla; Kelly and DeAnn (Richards) Thompson and Kinsey, Kailey and Kyle of Ava; Joe and DeAnn Dobbins and Shay of Ava; Deness (Dobbins) Essary and Chelsie; Irene Richards, Freeda Richards and Pauline Richards of Ava; one guest, Joe Wilson of Ava.

There were eleven first cousins. Roger Dobbins didn’t attend and Paulette (Richards) Ryan passed away in 2002 and Steve Richards passed away in 2000.