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Looking Backward 6.27.2013

25 Years Ago

June 23, 1988


The Douglas County Herald and KY3 News are teaming up to bring Project Town Hall to Ava on July 5.  The old-fashioned style town meeting is being launched to collect concerns and opinions about area political races on a grass roots level.  Ned Reynolds of KY3 will moderate the program.

Waldo Burke, on fiddle, and Austin Osburn, on guitar, are members of the Fiddlers, Pickers and Grinners that performed on the square last Friday night. Other members of the group include Clyde and Elizabeth Wilson, Bill Burke and Cecil Kester.

Leona Cantwell celebrated her 85th birthday with the presence of all six of her children.  She enjoyed the fish fry with all the trimmings. The children met in the home of Earnest Cantwell and spent the day visiting.

Cathy Moffett has been selected as an Outstanding Young Extension Homemaker from Douglas County.  She has been chosen to represent the 10th district.

The Douglas County National Bank bowling team took first place in Wednesday night ladies’ league at Ava Bowl. Team members are Joretta Sawyer, Colene Irby, Allie Gentry, Pat Miller, Peggy Dougherty and Delcia Heriford.

Sheila Peak, 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peak, Ava, took first place in her division in a 5K run in Tulsa, Okla., last Saturday.  Carl Peak was also among the more than 170 runners who participated but he did not place.

Zane Gray, of Zane Gray Chevrolet-Olds, Ava, presented the keys to a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL to Mtn. Grove resident Dollie Carston, who won the car through the Monolopy game held at McDonald’s restaurants.

GLENDALE – Congratulations to Lester and Betty Davidson on their 40th wedding anniversary Sunday, June 19.

50 Years Ago

June 20, 1963


Only the large cities have had previous information concerning the use of ZIP code numbers in post office addresses, but yester it was learned that system will be installed in every post office in the nation, regardless of the size of the community.  The five-digit ZIP code for Ava is 65608, Postmaster R.L. Ellis learned yesterday.

Pretty and talented 17-year-old Betty Lue Vaughan –– who can happily celebrate her eighteenth birthday next Monday –– was crowned Douglas County Maid of Milk during dairy day festivities here Tuesday.

Crowned as Dairy Princess was six-year-old Brenda Huffman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Huffman of Ava.

The bootheel in southeast Missouri produces one-half of all cash crops in the state.  Its yield per acre of the long staple cotton is the largest on non-irrigated land anywhere.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis (Annabelle Merritt) of Squires announce the birth of a daughter, Connie Sue, at 8:23 o’clock Sunday morning, June 16 at the Mtn. Grove Clinic. The baby weighed 6 pounds and 5 ounces.

Mrs. Rae Goodnight of Smallett announces the engagement of her daughter, Faith, to Guy Haskins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Basil Haskins of Thornfield.

Fifteen members of the Ava Chapter of Order of Rainbow for Girls and four adult sponsors attended the 27th annual Missouri Grand Assembly, International Order of Rainbow for Girls, held in St. Louis. Members who made the trip were Misses Linda Pettit, Pam Pettit, Marsha Pettit, Marjorie Robertson, Janice Robertson, Linda Bacorn, Betty Curnutt, Alice Cooper, Paula Cudworth, Sherry Sims, Karen Gastineau, Pat Hart, Jan Hart, Nancy Emerson and Brenda Gentry.

Eddie Motter, noted blind gymnast, has taken up abode at the Levite Colony at South Range Ranch in Douglas County north of Ava.  Eddie, blind from the age of 9 years, now 44, in his youth attended a school for the blind in St. Louis. In later years he moved to Los Angeles and while attending UCLA was high man for four years on the university’s gym team.

Janice Robertson, AHS junior last term, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Robertson of Ava, is the Douglas County delegate to Missouri Girls’ State.

Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Gott celebrated a special occasion Saturday at their home in north Ava, an occasion that very few couples have the privilege to observe, their 70th wedding anniversary.

Four Ava men are among a group of 29 officers and enlisted men of a Springfield Army Reserve unit, the 423rd Military Police Detachment, a stockade guard unit, which left Sunday for two weeks annual active duty training at Fort Riley, Kan. The Avans are Master Sgt. Frank Addy, Jr.; Specialist E4 Aubrey Hershel Letsinger; Pfc. Norval Earl Plumb; and Pfc. Carrol Weldon Sanders.


75 Years Ago

June 23, 1938


An improvement of major importance to Ava was completed Wednesday with the laying of the last tile of a sewer system to serve the east and north sides of the square.  The system starts in the alley between the Quality Bakery and the law office of J.V. Pitts.  It goes north down the alley, crosses the highway at the end of that block, and turns west behind the Ava Hotel. It goes westward through the alley directly behind the buildings on the north side of the square and crosses the highway continuing on westward between the H.S. Cleaners and the W. and H. Garage. The line turns northward again back of the west end of the dead-end street that goes west from the Harry Daily service station to the Ava Lumber Company yard. There is a septic tank at the end of the street.  The total cost was approximately $1,200.

Leonard Riggs, who lives south of Gentryville in the east part of the county, is recovering from burns and shock sustained Thursday afternoon of last week when he was struck by lightning.

July Fourth Program Announced –– Program Committee Plans Races, Music, Baseball, Fireworks –– The program provides for old time, home talent entertainment, including races, fiddler’s contest, ballgame, fireworks and music.

Tan Edmonds, employee in the Clinkingbeard Furniture Store, and Lyle Clinkingbeard, 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Clinkingbeard, befriended a Rhode Island Red hen Tuesday afternoon, and the hen repaid them.  About 4 o’clock that afternoon the hen found the back door of the furniture store open and nonchalantly walked in, paying little heed to either Tan or Lyle.  She walked around the back of the store then hopped up on a shelf beside a radio and settled down. Tan and Lyle thought she might be uncomfortable as they put some excelsior in a wooden box and put the box on the shelf beside her. Biddy found the nest to her liking and proceeded to sit on it.  Something like an hour later she got up and cackled. There was an egg in the box. Biddy didn’t get to enjoy the hospitality of the store much longer, however.  She was turned out at closing time.  Lyle took the egg home.

Cleo Cooper returned Saturday to his home in Ava after spending three weeks in Cabool where he has been employed in a city oil station.

The Herald building softball team defeated the Carnation Company Tuesday night for the second time this season.  The score was 24 to 9. Thompson, pitching for the Herald Building, made five runs for his team, two of them being homers.

ROME –– Misses Ressie Markey and Pauline Richards, who are students in the teachers college in Springfield, spent the weekend with their parents, Mrs. Lida Mackey and Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Richards.

It used to be that a young man wouldn’t think of getting married unless he had a job. But times have changed. Now days if you have no job, you get married so you can get on relief.


100 Years Ago

July 3, 1913


At a meeting of the County Court in the Clerk’s office last Friday it was decided by that body that Douglas County needed another bridge at Rome, and steps were taken for the building of such bridge.  The Court, which will be the same Court next year, has agreed on theis bridge this year, and one in the east end of the county, possibly on North Fork, next year. The last one was built in the east end at Vera Cruz.

J.B. Quigley proposes to establish a hydro-electric plant and connect the same with Ava by a transmission line, and to sell electric current for lighting purposes and small motors for five cents per KWH, and for two horse power and larger for two cents per KWH, provided each 16 CP (21 watt) lamp or its equivalent, installed or used shall return at least twelve and one-half cents each month, and two horse power motors or larger one dollar and fifty cents per horse-power capacity per month.

The latest innovation in the parcel post is that after July 1st parcels can be sent C.O.D. the same as is the case of the express service.

PANSY ITEMS – W.M. Phelps just completed a new addition to his store house. It adds greatly to the appearance of the city.

RICHVILLE NEWS–Mrs. Alice Tetrick is postmaster at Richville.

Fortification of the Panama Canal will be the most powerful in the world.  The defense of the canal will consist of 10 140inch guns, one 16-inch gun and 38 12-inch mortars.  The 16-inch gun can throw a shell of 2,000 pounds weight a distance of 18 miles.

Mr. and Mrs. Jos. V. Pitts are the proud parents of a fine baby boy which made its arrival at their home last Saturday night. All parties concerned are doing fine.

Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Pettit are the parents of a fine baby boy which arrived last Thursday afternoon.

Frederick Klineline, of Kentucky, brother of Henry Klineline of this city arrived in Ava last week to spend the 4th and visit for a short time. This is the first trip he has ever made to this county.

Several consignments of liquor have been brought to Ava the past week.  Our officers should see that it is “properly” used, and that no disturbance is created. Boys, if you must have the stuff, get a bottle and go off some place by yourselves and drink it.

Cupid has captured the hearts of John B. Deeds of Cross Roads, and Miss Amie J. Cox of Claremore, Okla. They were married last week at Cross Roads.


125 Years Ago

July 5, 1888


The Democrat editors speak fervently of the bandanna as the flag of victory. Red is the Anarchist color. The Solid South had its flag in 1861, and Northern Copperheads gloried in its triumphs.  The Democratic Convention of 1864 made that flag its own by condemning the war for the Union as a disastrous failure and suing for a craven peace. From the stars and bars of 1861 to the Anarchist flag of 1888, if that be what the red bandanna means, is a change from bad to worse.

Up to date we have not observed a single reason advanced by the Copperhead papers why Ben Harrison should not succeed the present occupant of the White House.

Muskogee, Indian Territory  ––– Sixteen miles northwest of Eufalia in the Creek nation last night a corn dance was held. United States Marshal John Phillips and one deputy named John McGlaughlin attended with the expectation of re-arresting some prisoners who had escaped from them a few days previously.  Arriving near the grounds where the dance was taking place they secreted themselves near a spring, expeting that the parties they were after would go to that place for water. About 12 o’clock Wesley Barnett and his brother Watle, two of the most noted desperadoes in the Indian Territory, and who were wanted on some half dozen charges, went to the spring. As soon as they arrived near enough, Marshal Phillips demanded they should halt and give their names. The brothers immediately drew their pistols and commenced firing. The first shot struck Phillips in the head, killing him instantly. Deputy Marshal McGlauglin was also killed, but not until he had fatally wounded Watle Barnett, who died within an hour after the fight was over.

General Sheridan’s salary will now be $13500 instead of $11,000, as heretofore.

The marriage of the Duke of Marlborough in New York caused considerable talk in London, and immediately raised the question whether his grace and his new wife would be received at court. The question was speedily decided, however, by the unofficial, though nonetheless authoritative, announcement that the queen would not receive them, divorced persons of whatever rank being tabooed by her majesty.

The Pope is expected to soon issue a statement declaring the Vatican’s absolute neutrality in politics.

The local option election at Independence, Mo., resulted in a majority of 200 for option. The drys are jubilant and the wets are dry.

The celebration at this place was a grand success, and the attendance was estimated at upwards of 1,000.   From the expressions of the people as they were preparing to depart for the homes we think we may expect a much larger gathering on our next national anniversary.