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Letter to the Editor – Ava Drug

Dear Editor:

This is referring to an article I saw in Sunday’s (Springfield) paper, an article about the Ava Drug Store in Ava.

I am Wilma Jean (Williams) Hampton, of Ozark, sister of (the late) Elwood Williams. Yes, Elwood used to go to the drug store every day for coffee, etc. I know the very seat he used to sit on, second to the right in the booths there, before his tragic death in a house fire there in Ava. And I can remember well when you used to buy ice cream, Cokes, etc., there for 5 cents, and can also remember when you could buy a hamburger for 25 cents or 50 cents, can’t remember just which.

I have happy memories down there in Ava, as I was raised not too far from Ava. My folks, Lloyd and Bertha Williams, owned a farm in the Breedon community. I believe it was David Norman who said they still sell ice cream for 5 cents there in my home town. A dozen roses to you and all that work there for being so nice to my brother, Elwood Williams. I just wanted to share this with you. If you read this, Thanks again, way to go!

I now live in Ozark with the family, but haven’t forgotten my many memories of the town where I used to run around, calling it “going around the square.”

Wilma Jean Hampton