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Douglas County Museum

Recent additions to the Douglas County Museum include a 1957 bow tie from the Douglas County Centennial and a key ring advertising Richards Brothers grocery store.  These items were donated by Bonnie Bolding.

A 1952-1953 school picture from the Silver Shade school, and a friendship quilt from the Smallett community has been donated by Bill Sellers.  The quilt contains names like Suanne and Charlene Cory, Iris Ann Day, Ida Haden, Georgie Osburn, Mabel Sellers, Betty Maxwell, Gertie Fulton, Vivian Phipps, Delpha Denny and Milda Surguine.  The quilt is dated sometime after May 1956.

The museum continues to be open on Saturdays, by volunteers, from 10-2.  You are welcome to come by for a tour or look through our resource library.  The spring/summer Journal is ready to be picked up.

The dogwood tree planted in the backyard in memory of the Getty’s family is alive and growing and was in bloom earlier this spring.

Our monthly meeting is at 6:30 each third Monday night.