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Douglas/Ozark Counties RTA To Met Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Terri Hall, Norma Stillings, Eva Painter, Geraldine Gray, Virginia Parsley, Betty Moore, Ruth Evans, Ida Mae Huse, Sue Robirds and Marie Bristol met for lunch with the Senior Citizens at the Ava Community Center.

Music of the Ozarks was provided by Junior Marriott.

Co-president Terri Hall thanked everybody for attending and called the business meeting to order. The minutes of the previous meeting and the current treasurer’s report were handed out and were accepted as presented. Terri Hall reported that she had attended the International Foods tasting event held April 16. She said that the “Frontier Girls’ had done a good job with this event.

Marie Bristol, Ruth Evans, and Betty Moore helped Special Needs students with the MAP testing. They said that it was a rewarding experience. Terri thanked Ruth for making the phone calls necessary. Volunteer help was also given for the Elementary Book Fair.

Ida Mae Huse gave her Legislative report saying that the petitions that the hoped for increase in funding for home delivery of meals did not pass, but $570,000 had been approved by the General Assembly subject now to the governor’s signature.

The scholarship committee had not met. No changes would be made to the application process for the 2013 year, but Norma Stillings moved to increase the membership dues from $10 to $20 a year in order to provide funding for two $200 scholarships each year. Norma also moved to move the deadline to submit a scholarship application from September to April for the 2014 scholarship year so that the scholarship awards could be given in May 2014 at the Award Assembly at the close of the year. The actual money grant would be made at the time the student gave proof of enrollment in college.

The next regular meeting of the Douglas and Ozark Counties RTA will be August 13, but plan meetings for the Region 10 meeting will be held June 11and July 9 at 2:00 PM at the home of Betty Moore.