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Douglas/Ozark Counties RTA of Meeting Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Terri Hall, Norma Stillings, Eva Painter, Betty Moore, Ruth Evans, Colleen Lakey, Norma Griffith, Ida Mae Huse, Gladys Long, and Sandy Walker met for lunch with the Senior Citizens at the Ava Community Center.

They were happy to have Max and Mona Decker come after lunch so that the retirees could hear Dr. Decker talk about his new book, “2 Good 2 Be 4 Gotten.” Many writers of folklore give the impression of “looking down” on the subjects of their tales, but Dr. Decker is proud of his Ozark heritage. He grew up with hard working farm families that produced many outstanding sons and daughters that excelled in their chosen fields. Dr. Decker has personally known at least one Rear Admiral and a Major General who proved that persons reared and educated in the Ozarks had the intelligence and work ethic to become successful anywhere. But one should not fail to mention the many good, hard working farmers, preachers, politicians, craftsmen and educators who stayed to make the Ozarks what it is.

Dr. Decker is one of those who might have gone away and made his mark somewhere else, but he chose to stay in the area and spent his years in teaching and overseeing in the schools of Ozark and Douglas County. The stories he wrote can make you smile thinking about the preacher’s false teeth and the chicken leg, about out running ghosts, or how that politicians always found their way to the annual picnics and pie suppers. Some of his stories bring back a fleeting memory of boys standing outside the window at a preaching service, or perhaps of long, hot, dusty summers barren of crops, followed by a gully washer that took out the fences and bridges. Somehow the people of the Ozarks endured the hardships and still were ready to go to a music party Saturday night or an All-day Meeting with Dinner-on-the-Ground that Sunday.

There was a Legislative report saying that the petitions that had been gathered last month had been taken to the Missouri General Assembly and that the proposed bill to require 100% funding within five years was not brought to a vote in the Committee when the sponsor heard all the opposition.

Terri shared an invitation from the Frontier Girls to attend an International Foods tasting event, April 16. There is no charge, but donations are accepted. Terri also shared a Thank You received from Ronald McDonald for the pop can tabs that had been collected for their fundraiser.

It was announced that our treasurer, Julane Williams, will be undergoing by-pass heart surgery soon.

The next Douglas and Ozark Counties RTA meeting will be held May 14 after the Senior Citizen’s lunch at the Ava Community Center. The program will be “Music of the Ozarks” presented by Junior Marriott.