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Douglas Co. Historical Society Meets Feb. 18

The Douglas County Historical Society held its February meeting on Feb. 18.

Sharon called the meeting to order.  Pat read the January minutes with one correction: Spelling of Cory family Saddle Shop instead of Corey.  Pat gave treasurer’s report.  It was approved as read.

Natural Gas Company was coming on the 19th for an estimate for changing over from propane.  Sharon was meeting them at museum. Members discussed having a research day on the 2nd Saturday of the month to help anyone interested in getting started with their family history.  Sharon was making a packet of information to get them started.  Motion was made by Marilyn to do this, seconded by J.D.

The special display will be different Bibles for Easter next month.  If anyone has any different Bibles you would like to display let us know or bring them by on Saturday and we will be happy to add them to display.

Pat will ask landscapers from last year if they want to mow this year or do we need to take bids. Marilyn has the picture ready and framed for the forestry department.  She will call about arranging a time to present it to them.  Summer hours were tabled until next month.

Marilyn also gave an update on several books donated by the Herb Sanders family and what we might like to do with them.  The summer Journal deadline is March 30 so there is still time to get those stories in.

A workday is needed to clean yard and museum before spring.  This was put on hold until next month.  Someone contacted Marilyn about any special projects we have might have going that we need help with so we need ideas.  Sharon and Marilyn will get prices on a new copier as this one is getting worn out.

An inquiry has been received about pictures of the Campbell Gas Station.  The Campbell Tire Shop was where 1st Home Savings is now located, and the house was located where Taco Bell is now.  If anyone has any information or pictures please contact us at the museum or Donna Barton at email

Pat gave list of special donations to museum.  J.D. made a motion to adjourn and Marilyn seconded it.  Those attending: Pat Carmichael, Sharon Sanders, Gladys Peak, Jack and Barbara Breshears, Miracle Breshears, J.D. Ross, Marilyn Alms, Sally Hicks, and Tommy Roberts.