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The Snoop 1.31.2013

SnoopAmidst all the talk, accusations and propaganda circulating under the name of gun control, I would like to shift gears a little and share some information recently put out by Paul Heil, the host of a weekly southern gospel radio program called, “The Gospel Greats.” The comments were written on Jan. 22, the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade by which the Supreme Court made abortion on demand legal in the United States. Following are excerpts from his newsletter that I share with you, with his permission.
In the United States, during the latest year for which reliable statistics are available (2011) …
• 11,101 lives were lost in gun-related homicides.
• 32,163 lives were lost in all gun-related incidents, including accidents.
• 34,676 lives were lost in motor vehicle accidents.
• 1,212,400 lives were lost due to encounters with abortionists’ scalpels.
From the above list, choose the circumstance that common sense would dictate that the government should be dealing with to save the most lives.
Unfortunately, there’s a considerable lack of common sense in Washington these days. So, the smallest number above – gun-related homicides – is the one circumstance that’s all over the news.
Gun control, gun control, gun control. The politicians and news media are demanding action! But gun-related homicides were less than one percent as numerous as abortions. (Will there next be a call for “car control” – since cars claim even more lives than guns?) Nevertheless, at the same time, the government not only does not express even the tiniest amount of concern about the holocaust going on every day in the nation’s abortion mills, but, instead, fully supports this butchery – in word and, more to the point, the only way the government knows how to support such a “worthy” endeavor – by throwing huge amounts of taxpayer dollars at it.
Last year, Planned Parenthood — an organization originally founded to reduce the black population — did 333,964 abortions, making it the nation’s largest abortion chain. Planned Parenthood received 45 percent of its income from the government – $542,400,000.00.
Ironic is the use of the rallying cry “save our children” in the gun control debate – ignoring an even more obvious way to save our children, on a more basic and much grander scale. So, Sir or Madam taxpayer, how do you like financially supporting all of this premeditated killing?
Think about this – 137 every hour, 3,304 every day (more than the number of people killed in the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attack), 23,196 every week, 100,516 every month.
But there is some good news, of sorts. According to Time magazine, the number of abortion clinics is declining across the country making access to abortions more difficult, or, at least, less convenient. In fact, over the past 22 years, 70 percent of all abortion clinics have closed permanently, according to the American Rights Coalition. And, in just the past two years, 24 states have adopted more than 90 new restrictions on abortion.
The Bible makes it clear that each child is unique from the moment of conception. Each child is a person – for whom God has already made plans. Each child, even from the moment of conception, is an individual God already knows and loves. And we know what God thinks about murder. The Alabama Supreme Court recently ruled that the term “child” applies equally to born and pre-born children. The Bible does, too.
When, in Luke 1:41, Elizabeth recalls that upon Mary’s greeting “the baby in my womb leaped for joy,” the Greek word used for “baby” is the same word used for any young child. A baby is a baby – in the womb or delivered from it. And yet the holocaust of pre-born babies continues because that fact is politically inconvenient. Please do all you can do to support pro-life causes. Most communities have organizations that provide counseling to women with unplanned pregnancies – counseling, for example, for adoption services. Please vote only for pro-life candidates – not just because they could help turn the tide of legislation to protect the unborn, but also because our society seems increasingly influenced by secular public policy. And, above all, pray for a moral and spiritual revival in this nation. That will do more than anything else could do to turn the tide against this sin. We need to get back to “God first” rather than “me first.”
How long will God put up with this tsunami of abortion – and the moral and spiritual depravity that fosters it? I don’t know. But 40 years is a Biblical time of testing or probation. That time is now up. I fear for our nation. But I trust in our God.  –Paul