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Letter to the Editor – 1.31.2013

Dear Editor:

Elected officials take an oath to uphold our Constitution that became the supreme law of the land (Art. 6).

The Civil War amendments, 13, 14 and 15 guarantee that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish, to the degree, that the law of the land as set forth in the constitution shall prevail that we the people continue to be the arbiters of the people’s future.

What is it about the part of the Second Amendment, “Shall not be infringed” that some elected officials and U.N. powers don’t understand?

Any executive order, law or treaty that contradicts our great Constitution is void and not to be obeyed. If a senate bill is passed that contradicts our Constitution, it is void and unlawful.

These same U.N. powers seem to control all news media with their gun control tripe.

It’s about control, not guns. Drunken drivers, medical prescriptions, hospital errors, drugs, etc., kill thousands, maybe millions, more than guns.

Every Communist country in the world has disarmed the people. What is Obama trying to do, disarm the people?

Wake up, people, we need our guns to defend ourselves against all threats to us, our Constitution and freedoms, including our Christian heritage.

Japan in World War II did not attempt to invade the U.S. because they knew most every house had guns and people knew how to use them. More so now.

Switzerland issues every household a gun. Switzerland’s government trains every adult to whom they issue a rifle. Switzerland has the lowest gun related crime rate of any civilized country in the world.

Richard Bell