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Emerson Resigns Congressional Seat

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (MO-08) Tuesday morning sent a letter of resignation to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and notified the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives that it would be her last day serving in Congress.

“I am honored to serve the people of the Eighth Congressional District since 1996.  They are an outstanding example of the very best our American communities have to offer: smart, strong citizens who are always ready to lead,” Emerson said.  “At a time when the popularity of Congress hovers in the single digits, it has never been more important for us to instill their virtues in our elected representatives.  Congress is the branch of government closest to the people.  We must strive to make it representative of us and our national desire to accomplish great things together.

“Tomorrow, I will once again be a constituent of Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District.  I hope and pray that all we have worked to accomplish will be upheld by the public servants who follow in Bill Emerson’s footsteps and in mine.  To us, the people of this district have always come before politics.  That philosophy of service remains the only way to get good things done on behalf of Southern Missouri and the nation.”