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Letter to the Editor 1.24.2013

Dear Editor,

When I read “THE SNOOP with KEITH MOORE,” In the January 17th issue of the Herald, I marveled that such an article was published!

Keith Moore seems to be supportive of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution “I will renew my membership in the organization (NRA) to show my pledge of support to the Second Amendment.”

He also mentioned he “Support(ed) the NRA’s position now taken to defend our Constitutional right to own guns.” (I assume he was referring to the Second Amendment.)

He then goes on to undermine the Second Amendment and our right to own guns!

“A well regulated militia being NECESSARY to the security of a free state, the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” 2nd Amendment, U.S. Constitution.

Moore seems to be arguing that the purpose of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is to ensure our “Right to own guns” for hunting squirrels and deer.

“I see no need for high capacity clips holding dozens of rounds of ammunition and I see no need for the assault-type rifle to be on the market for the common Joe to own” Moore wrote. “True hunters don’t need 100 rounds to be successful.”

The purpose of the Second Amendment is not to ensure hunting opportunity!

It is to ensure the necessity of a well regulated militia will always be available to “The common Joe” (you, me and the Citizenry at large) to ensure the “Security of a free State.”

This is accomplished only by ensuring “The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

What Moore suggests in that assault-type rifles and high-capacity magazines be unavailable to “the common Joe” is in direct opposition to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and undermines our right to own guns!

In the annals of history the security of a free state has never, NEVER, been threatened by an over population of game! The security of freedom has always, ALWAYS, come in the form of government military oppression.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is to ensure the Citizenry of the nation will retain their freedoms granted by God, and secured by the blood of the founders of this nation, and that the Federal Government will never threaten those freedoms through the infringement of the RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

If the Citizenry is ever to successfully oppose tyranny, foreign and domestic, it must have ready access to effective military weapons.

Semi-automatic rifles with high-capacity magazines are very necessary in the modern world to oppose Governmental tyranny and retain the freedom granted to us by God Almighty!

If ever the arms available to the Citizenry is limited by the Federal Government it will only be done in direct opposition to our rights to life, liberty, property and freedom, and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution!

Please keep this in mind as you publish future articles.


David Penn


Editor’s response:

When we receive a letter like the one above, we have two options (or really, three, the third being to do nothing).

Option 1 would be to firmly stand our ground and argue our position that we believe to be correct.

Option 2 is to admit we were wrong and apologize.

I choose the latter.

You see, when I wrote “The Snoop” last week, I was looking at the 2nd Amendment from the standpoint of sport and entertainment. David is not the first to challenge me on this and point out that we were granted these rights to defend ourselves in the event our government cannot defend itself or, God forbid, that we should have to defend ourselves against our own government.

Thank you, David, Johnny, Jerome and Jack for pointing this out.

I was handed a document this week indicating that a section in the U.S. Code calls for complete elimination of a military. I never would think this possible, but it’s written in official document.

I have also been shown a document reporting the Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition while some law enforcement agencies are experiencing shortages.

That’s enough to cause me to say, I’m sorry. I was wrong.

I will stand on one claim I have made previously, however. I think the movies, television shows and video games our young people are subjected to, and the breakdown of the family unit (with a male father and female mother) is more of a threat to our civilization than all the guns in the world.

Keith Moore, Editor

Douglas County Herald