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What About This . . .?

By Wayne William Cipriano

I have views on everything and I have them in abundance about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings and reactions to them.  But, even superficially, they require book length examination, not a newspaper column.

I’m not slithering out of a difficult conversation in which I see both sides of an issue, or more accurately, a plethora of multi-faceted subjects involved and the depth of consider­ation each facet deserves.  They are complicated – culturally, socially and legally-convoluted prob­lems that I’d like to suggest a manner of approach.

Over time, hundreds of years perhaps, the violent physical dangers human beings pose to each other may disappear from our civilization. Between then and now, what?

We are all dues-paying members of the club, the United States of America. We all have views, opinions, and values. Our positions may not be equally valid, but each of us is equally powerful, we each have one vote.

This is what we have to do:  Be smart, be mature, be thoughtful.  We must each quietly and carefully examine all the values, feelings, opinions, philosophies, “facts”, “truths”; we have bearing on this entire issue.

And then, even more importantly, we must quietly and carefully examine each OPPOSING value, feeling, opinion, philosophy, “fact”, “truth”, and not dismiss them lightly out of hand.

Can I actually consider maturely, think rationally about the opposite of what I KNOW to be right?  Is it possible for me at this stage of my life to be, dare I say it, teachable?

I better be.  We better be.

If we all look carefully at what we believe, and just as carefully at what those who believe otherwise declare, we can begin to address the questions that must be answered.

Should we do anything about this?

If so, can we do anything?

If so, what can we do? How? When?

Before some other news leading tragedy replaces this in our minds, let us use it and make it something more than just another horror in a series of horrors.