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Council Revises City Ordinances, Selects New Firm for Skatepark

During the first busi­ness meeting in 2013, the Ava Board of Aldermen took action on three agenda items on Tuesday. The council members also received a report from the Ava Area Chamber of Commerce, and listened to a presenta­tion from the Douglas County Health Department.

Two business items addressed by council were revisions on previously established city codes.  In accord, the aldermen voted to change the number of volunteers required to serve on the Parks & Recreation advisory board.  The revision set five citizens as the standard for the group, rather than a seven-member panel as previously established.

Council also opted to change a clause within the Home Occupation section of zoning ordinances. The revised section stipulates the City Planning and  Development office is responsible for notifying property owners of a request to place a home business in their neighborhood.  In the new provision, the applicant is no longer responsible for sending certified letters to property owners.

In the third item of business, the alderman endorsed the selection of Warren & Goodin, Inc. Architect –Engineers, of Springfield, Mo., to design and oversee the construction of the skatepark for the City of Ava.  This action is the second attempt to find the right firm for the project.

Last June, councilmen sanctioned the new skatepark by okaying a contract with Native Skateparks, LLC, of Colorado.  However, according to Janice Lorrain, the agreement was canceled because the Colorado firm could not meet the federal standards required under the funding program. Lorrain said the skatepark project is being funded with $83,500 from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and under this program, the City must meet certain criteria.

The Springfield firm has assured city officials all requirements will be met.

Council authorized Mayor Eddie Maggard to sign the contract with Warren & Goodin, Inc.

The new skatepark will be built on city property just north of the Ava park, directly across the street from the tennis courts.

Two representatives from the Douglas County Health Department, Javan Cooney and Suzanne Cooney, presented educational information about a new breastfeeding initiative being sponsored by the Health Dept. The program is geared to assist mothers who breastfeed, as well as bring  positive awareness to citizens and businesses in the community.  The group has asked city officials to partner in the initiative by issuing a resolution in support of the project.

Several members of the Ava Area Chamber of Commerce appeared before council to provide a brief year-end report and announce a new goal for 2013.  In the update, it was noted the Ava Christmas Parade was a success, with 18 new entries this year.  The Chamber also announced they are in the process of developing a promotional web site; the purpose is to attract new business or industry to the area.

City Clerk Marilyn Alms reported Leon Harris had filed as a candidate for Mayor.

Aldermen approved the Municipal Court Docket from Dec. 21, 2012, and opted to cancel the upcoming Tuesday, Jan. 22, meeting date.  The council will reconvene on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, 5:00 p.m. in council chambers at Ava City Hall.   In the meantime, if an issue should arise and city officials must get-together, the re-scheduled meeting time will be public knowledge.

All four councilmen were present for the meeting with Ric Engelhardt, Bill Long, Burrely Loftin and David Norman in attendance.