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Year End Report From the Prosecuting Attorney of Douglas County

During 2012, five felony trials were tried and concluded with convictions.  The convictions are as follows:  conspiracy to distribute narcotics; child molestation, 7-year sentence to the Department of Corrections;  unlawful use of weapon, 4-year sentence to the Department of Corrections;  auto tampering, 5-year sentence to the Department of Corrections; and manufacturing of drugs, 3-year sentence to the Department of Corrections.

As for the appointment of special Prosecutors in Douglas County during 2012, there were eleven appointments costing Douglas County a total of $100.

In 2013, there are murder cases set for weeklong jury trials in Pulaski County, April 22, 2013, State v Jensen;  and June 18, 2013, State v. Jorgensen.  Both involve the beating and stabbing death of Kenny Stout, age 17, in Douglas County.

Indictments Issued by Grand Jury

At the request of the Prosecuting Attorney of Douglas County, a Grand Jury was recently empaneled by Circuit Judge John Moody.

On November 30, 2012, the grand jury was sworn and received testimony on 29 various criminal matters.  The Grand Jury returned 24 indictments, and four “no true bills”, which means no indictment was returned.

The cases ranged from rape, sexual assault, financial exploitation of the elderly, felony theft of timber, auto tampering, robbery, felony stealing and possession and production of methamphetamines.

Prosecuting Attorney Roger Wall states that all indictments are sealed until the warrants are served by law enforcement.

The cases submitted to the Grand Jury were a culmination of investigative efforts undertaken by the Missouri Highway Patrol, Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Ava City Police and the Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Aging.