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The Snoop 1.3.2013

SnoopThe Snoop will be brief this week as we mourn the loss of longtime Herald publisher James E. Curry who passed away Tuesday, Jan. 1.
Mr. Curry’s obituary, as well as the front page story about him, only tell part of the story. It would be impossible to condense his 92 years into one writing. His many years of service to Ava and Douglas County, his love for the Douglas County Herald and his dedication to his family are only a small part of who he was. Those who knew him – and they are many – know he was a loyal friend, honest in business, ethical in his profession, and wise…very, very wise.
It must be said, too, that he was a staunch Republican.
Pastor Oren Alcorn mentioned Wednesday morning that there aren’t many of the “old guard” left. As we witness the passing of men like Jim Curry, J.G. Heinlein, Willard Pueppke, John Dickison, the Pettits, and Normans, as well as the Davis brothers and the Harleys, we realize we’re all getting older, times are changing, and somebody else must carry the ball.
Men like James Curry can never be replaced. We can only strive to be more like him.