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Looking Backward 1.3.2013

25 Years Ago

December 31, 1987


The Ava City Council voted Monday night to purchase the for­mer Production Credit Association office building on S.E. 2nd Street.  The building, which is being pur­chased for $20,000 is a two story structure with the main floor opening to the east onto 2nd Street with a basement that also has an outside entrance on the west side.

Dr. Marvin Gentry announced this week that he will discontinue his medical practice at the end of this year.  The affectionate Ava physician, who will turn 85 in March, attempted to slip into semi-retirement several years ago but as maintained a fairly regular practice in spite of the fact that he does not take appointments, has no receptionist, and does not necessarily keep the hours that are painted on the front door of the office he has occupied since 1929.

Some areas of the Ozarks are still without electrical power, almost a week after the second winter storm of the season made its way through this area. The ice storm – the second to visit the Ozarks in 10 days brought down trees and power lines over a wide area, and made Christmas 1987 one that will not soon be forgotten.

Mrs. Hattie Newton celebrated her 101st birthday on Dec. 23 in the home of her daughter, Jewell and Tom Johnson, where she resides.

There were some tense moments in Ava Monday morning when a valve on a propane tank failed to close, allowing gas to escape.  Lucki9ly there was a strong westerly wind that blew that vapor away from homes and businesses on North Jefferson Street and into an open field to the east of the tank. The tank was located behind a house near Harold’s Oil Company on North Jefferson.  City firemen stood by bur were not needed.


50 Years Ago

December 27, 1962


The Stanley Brooks Grocery, operated in Ava for the past 28 years, has been sold to Larkin Barnes, it was announced here late last week.   The Stanley Brooks Store here was at one time one of a chain of six operated by Mr. Brooks, whose home is in Lebanon, Mo.  Others were located in Lebanon, Eldon, Springfield, Mtn. Grove, and Salem.

The new 1963 city automobile license stickers, now available at the city hall, are somewhat unique in that the scenic design features Mark Twain Forest Glade Top Trail.

Ralph Gentry, Douglas County ASC office manager the past eight and a half years, has resigned effective last Friday. His successor will be named by the County ASC Committee, Glenn Harnden, chairman, Noel Elliott and Wallace Sagerser, members.

“I’d like a Chatty Doll,” smiled Miss Cynthia Ann McGill, 7, as she snuggled into Santa’s arems during his pre-Christams visit to the Ava Drug Company.  Little Tammy McGill, 5 wanterd a doll, too, and older sister, Debra Lynn McGill, 9, wished for a tape recorder and camera. The three misses are daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo McGill of Ava.

The noon hour of Thursday, Dec. 20, presented a time of gala holiday celebration for personnel and management of local Rawlings Manufacturing Company plant.

Before the Kennedy administra­tion retires, I forecast that we will have either more taxes or more inflation.  The old saying, “We cannot have our cake and eat it too,” is certainly true today.  The elections referred to above indicate that the majority of voters really believe they can have all these temporal benefits such as medical care for the aged, medical and hos­pital payments, more social secu­rity, et., without having to pay the bill either through increased taxes or through inflation.

MT. TABOR –– Mr. and Mrs. Buster Brown and two children of Springfield visited Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Stone. Other visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Whetson of Ava.

Cordless hearing can now be yours with the “Wisp-Ear,{ the smallest hearing aid in the world from Sonotone. Worn in the ear – no outside cords, wires or tubes.  Weighs less than 1/5th of an ounce, with tiny battery inside. At the Ozark Hotel, 12 noon to 2 p.m., E.J. Bailey.

RED BANK –– Stanley Adams, who is stationed with the U.S. Navy is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Adams.

WASOLA –– Richard Barner has sold his house place and intends to build a new one at a different location on his farm.

MURRAY –– Visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Short recently was Mr. and Mrs. Ranse Ferrell, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Denton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sherrill, James and Jimmie Degase, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Twitty.  Andy was hurt Friday while helping get wood for the church and had to have 10 stitches taken in his head.


75 Years Ago

December 30, 1937


Santa Claus appeared in many Ava homes just before kiddies’ bed time on Christmas eve – a real flesh and blood Santa Claus with honest-to-goodness candy and popcorn-as much to the surprise of parents as to the joy of the youngsters.

With this issue the Douglas County Herald begins its fifty-second year of continuous publication.

C.E. Davis is putting a floor in his large refrigerator box used for storing meat in the Davis store here that he expects to stay there as long as the box does. The new floor replaces an old wooden floor that had been weakened by decay. The base of the new floor is concrete, on which are laid two by eight wooden planks. On these then are several layers of tar, roofing material and cork, topped by wood flooring. There are two layers of two-inch cork,

Wild turkeys have fallen before the guns of five Ava hunters so far this season. The season, which opened December 1, closes tomorrow.  Fred and Ray Livingston both got turkeys near Rockbridge, close to the Douglas and Ozark County line. Clarence Spurlock got one in the east end of the county.  W.K. Wiggins went to Ozark County and got one that dressed more than eleven pounds.  J.E. Curry got a turkey early in the season in Taney County.

Charles N. Alsup, former county clerk, got a surprise one day when he was turkey hunting. Some dogs chased a big gray wolf up to within a few steps of where he happened to be.  Although he got no turkey he did get the big wolf.

The J.I. Wilbanks store here is not being closed but is here permanently, according to E.L. Castle, who has been manager of the store since it opened here three years ago.

Quicker and better service is promised on long distance calls from Ava after connections are made for a direct line connecting with the Ball System in Springfield, it is announced by C.B. Morton of Lebanon, district manager for the Missouri Standard Telephone Company.  Mr. Morton made the announcement in Ava Wednesday.  He said the new line would be in operation probably the last of this week.  Long distance calls have been handled through Mansfield.

Taken on an average, business seems to have been exceptionally good in Ava this Christmas.

Don’t forget the free drawing at the Spic and Span Beauty Shop Saturday, January 1, at 2 p.m.

Several Christmas wedding create interest among Ava people.  One of these was that of Miss Ilene Newton of Mansfield and Harold M. Price of Springfield, who were married in Springfield Friday evening.  Another was that of Miss Mary Jane Whaples of Springfield and Robert Coday of Mansfield, who were married Christmas day.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Ellison of west of Ava celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Christmas day by entertaining a large group of friends and relatives in their country home.


100 Years Ago

January 16, 1913


 The Herald Office – You will find us in our new building on the southeast corner of the square.  Here we are well and permanently located with plenty of room, and an equipment for doing work which is not excelled in south Missouri east of Springfield. We want you to call on us in our new quarters and see our arrangements and equipment.

That business in Ava is growing better, and that this country is just reached the dawn of a new era in business and businesss developments, is shown in the following figures furnished by the K.C.O.&S. Ry.   Number of loaded cars delivered by the K.C.O.&S. Ry to the Frisco railroad during the year 1912,  500. Numbers of loaded cars received by the K.C.O.&S. Ry. from the Frisco railroad, 353.   The car loads average from 30,000 tp 100,000 pounds each.

SQUIRES –– There was a surprise dinner given at Lewis Browns for Grandma Brown it being her 70th birthday, a large crowd was present and enjoyed by all.

The stork left W.M. McGill a fine boy a short time ago.

STONY POINT SCHOOL – We have had a ciphering and a spelling match with Oak Forest School which were successful in creating an interest in both schools. Oak Forest being victors in the former and Stony Point in the latter.

A little cold spell visited this part of the county last week, but the weather is fine again. This has certainly been a beautiful winter, for which the Ozarks are noted.

Mr. and Mrs. Augusta Boone are moving this week to the Will Carroll place at the shed.

U. Grant Hoston, of Amhurst, Mass., gave an illustrated lecture at the Wilson Opera last Monday night, on the Holy Land. The entertainment was well attended and highly appreciated.

There were a few who were opposed to bonding the Ava School District for the purpose of building the fine, large school house we now have, but every citizen of the district is now proud of the building and are glad the bonds carried. The same will be true when we vote bonds with which to build good roads for this district.  Let’s stand for improvement and betterment of the country.

ARNO –– Charley Williams and Alice Howard were married Christmas day at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Margret Haynes.  W.G. Cochran, officiated at the wedding.

Blind Boone will give one of his noted musical entertainments at the Wilson Opera house Jan. 17. He is one of the leading musicians in the U.S.


125 Years Ago

January 5, 1888


President Cleveland is wise enough in his present administra­tion to do all in his power to aid the banking monopolies of Wasll Street New York.  Cleaveland’s whole aim is to carry New York, with this end in view he has caused some $43,000,000 of the Treasury fund to be loaned National banks in Wall Street.  Cleveland cares but little for the vote of the Democratic party outside of New York, but expects to get it – as a matter of course. His whole aim is to carry the monopoly and mugwump vote of that state. So he constantly favors the mug­wumps and plays directly and openly into the hands of those mo­nopolists that are sucking the life blood out of our people.

Rev. Dunaway exercised him­self in the erection of a flue on the Singleton Hotel Tuesday.

Ava Needs:  A barber.  A tinner.  A wagon shop.  A planing mill.  A Douglas county bank.  A good boot and shoe shop.  A county jail with steel cages.  A good Sunday school each Sunday.  A side walk clear around the square.  A public well on the public square for public use.  A ladies aid society to meet every Thursday afternoon.  A few small dwelling houses for the accommo­dation of renters.

FOX CREEK NOTES – Would have had a fine time at the Christ­mas tree at the hall, had it not been for bad whiskey.

Prof. Miller opened school on Monday.

Mr. Kincaid brought us a fine load of wood on Wednesday.

John W. Singleton has domiciled himself and family in the Singleton Hotel.

Democrat Office has underwent numerous repairs during the last week.

Health is good in this community – more rain and freezing weather.