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Douglas/Ozark Counties RTA Met Tuesday, December 11

The Douglas and Ozark Counties Retired Teachers and Other Personnel ate lunch Tuesday, December 11 with Senior Citizens at the Ava Community Center. While they ate, they were entertained by members of the Ava High School Chamber Choir who presented a program of Christmas Music.

Marie Bristol, RTA President, welcomed the retirees and conducted a business meeting after lunch with members, Ida Mae Huse, Eva Painter, Ruth Evans, Colleen Lakey, Kay Transano, Terri Hall, Geraldine Gray, Thelma Chisam, Betty Moore, Julane Williams, and Norma Stillings.

The minutes and treasurer’s report were read and approved without corrections. Marie Bristol requested reimbursement of $32.39 of the $42.39 that she had paid for the pizza that had been purchased for the Ava High School students who provided the entertainment. The request was approved.

Committee reports were made. Barbara Groover, chairman of the Membership Committee, and the executive committee met and prepared membership applications to send out to the members whose renewals had not been received.

Marie asked that reports on Community Service hours be turned in to her by February 1. She gave the retirees a new form for 2013 volunteer hours. The hours that are reported from all over the state will be compiled and totals announced in the MRTA Spring meeting.

Norma Stillings, chairman of the Informative, Protective, and Health Services Committee, talked about Flu Prevention, the value of washing hands, and handed out “WHACK the flu” Activity booklets, and magnetic reminders to wash hands. Marie also gave a warning about e-mail scams targeted to grandparents.

Legislative Chair, Ida Mae Huse, said that Legislators and the President in Washington DC were talking, but it remained to be seen what they were going to do about the “fiscal cliff.” Marie also asked that members call their representatives to requests that cuts not be made to the programs that fund the “meals-on-wheels” and other senior services.

Ruth Evans, chairman of the nominating committee proposed the retention of the current officers. Marie Bristol agreed to remain president another term, if Terri Hall would preside at some of the meetings in the year. The motion was seconded and carried with no opposition. Norma Stillings will continue as secretary and Julane Williams will continue as treasurer.

Norma Stillings moved that when the C.D. came due again to move part of it to the Savings Account and keep $1,000 in a C.D. to provide stability for the scholarship fund.

Marie asked for input on meeting places for the coming year. After some discussion of possibilities, the group voted to meet at the Ava Community Center for all the meetings except the October meeting, which will be at the Senior Center in Gainesville.

The Executive Committee will meet in January or February to plan the programs for the year.