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Barnes Real Estate legal


Default having been made in the payment of the debt and the performance of the obligations of the notes described in and secured by a Deed of Trust dated January 10, 2008 executed by Barnes Real Estate Company B., Inc., a Missouri Corporation, and recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Douglas County, Missouri, on January 14, 2008, at 10:30 A.M., as Document #080090, conveying to the Trustee property including the following described property in Douglas County, Missouri, to-wit:

A part of the SW ¼ NE ¼ of Section 14, Township 26 North, Range 16 West, described as commencing at a point on the North line of said tract, 20 feet South of the Southeast corner of Lot 6 of H.M. MILLER’S ADDITION, to the City of Ava, Missouri, as per plat of said H.M. MILLER’S ADDITION, as it appears of record in Plat Book 1 at Page 5 in the office of the Douglas county Recorder, from this point run thence South a distance of 424 feet and to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING, thence run North 82 degrees West, a distance of approximately 291 feet and to the East right-of-way line of Jefferson Street, thence run South 12 degrees West, along the East right-of-way line of Jefferson Street, in a Southerly direction and to a point being 600 feet North of the South line of the SW ¼ NE ¼ , thence run East and to a point being South of the True Point of Beginning, thence run North and to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING.

Subject to an EASEMENT for ingress and egress, over and across the existing driveway that runs From Jefferson Street through the property described above and leading to the property adjoining at the Southeast corner of this tract of land.

At the request of the legal holder of said note who has elected to declare the entire indebtedness due and payable, and in accordance with the provisions of the said Deed of Trust, the undersigned Trustee will on Friday, November 30, 2012, to-wit at 10:00 a.m., sell said property at public venue to the highest bidder for cash at the steeps of the County Court House, in the City of Ava, Douglas County, Missouri, to satisfy said note and costs.


Raymond M. Gross,