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Troop G Conducting Radio Coverage Survey In Douglas County

Radio coverage surveys have been done in other counties; now they are moving to Douglas County.
Captain Dwayne F. Isringhausen, commanding officer of Troop G, Willow Springs, would like to make the citizens of Troop G aware of a radio coverage survey.
Patrol members and retired Patrol personnel are conducting the radio coverage survey in Douglas, Howell, and Texas counties in Troop G.
The survey must be done on every road and in every area to ensure overall system performance.
At times, citizens will observe unmarked patrol vehicles traveling at a very slow rate of speed in those areas.  The unmarked vehicles are occupied by one Patrol member or a retired Patrol employee and two employees from the Motorola Company.
The field testing will begin immediately and is expected to last two to three weeks.  For further information or questions, please call 417-469-3121.