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Skyline R-2 Board Meets October 18

The Skyline R-2 Board met in regular session on Thursday Oct. 18, with six members present.  The consent agenda items were discussed and approved.

In new business:  five program evaluations were presented and approved.

The Library Media Center has added 474 books in the last two years through various programs.

The Finance Program Evaluation showed budget cuts for the last two years including staff and noncertified hours.

The Safety and Facilities and Grounds Program Evaluations stated the changes that were made from the Physical Hazard Survey completed by the insurance company.  These programs also discussed the removal of some dead trees on the grounds.

The last program evaluation that was discussed was the Parents As Teachers Program.  PAT has not been fully funded for two years so it has shown a significant decrease in families served.

The Superintendent’s Report showed:

* Enrollment of 78 students K-8, plus 15 preschool students.

* MAP Scores for Spring 2012 were presented and discussed.

* The number of students that received Proficient/Advanced increased over previous years.

* AYP was met, receiving 7 out of 7 points.

* The new MSIP 5 APR preliminary report will be out next month.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Thursday Nov. 15, at 7 p.m.