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Missouri House Employees Saw More Pay Raises Than Other State Workers

By Jordan Shapiro

State Capitol Bureau

Employees of the Missouri House of Representatives received three pay raises in one year, according to a report by the Jefferson City News Tribune.

House employees received two “House-only” pay increases in addition to a 2 percent raise given to all state workers making less than $70,000 annually starting July 1, the beginning of the state’s fiscal year.

The Chief Clerk of the House D. Adam Crumbliss told the News Tribune that he had put together a pay raise plan for House workers last year, which was approved by then-Speaker Steve Tilley.

The first House raises came in mid-November 2011 after the elimination of six staff positions. Tilley then approved a second set of raises just before he resigned as House Speaker to become a lobbyist.

Other state employees have not been as lucky. The fiscal 2013 budget was the first time in five years lawmakers included a pay raise for certain state workers (those making less than $70,000 a year). Other state employees may have received pay increases during that time to go along with increased workloads due to staff cuts.

Senate Administrator Jim Howerton told the News Tribune that Senate staff did not have any large scale pay increases beyond what the state already had in place.

The House pay increases combined with staff reductions do result in $42,459 in net savings.