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Tuesday, Oct. 16th, T.O.P.S. #0720 met and was called to order by Sharon with twelve weighing in with a total loss of 15 lbs. Top loser was Rachel. Fall Rally was great fun, we raffled off a kitchen utilities basket and sold some crafts. We were pleasantly surprised to have won 4th overall in this summer challenge in this part of Missouri  against some larger groups.

Rachel had the lesson on “10 Tips to improve your meals with more fruits and vegetables!” 1. Fire up the grill. 2. Expand the flavor of your casseroles. Add sautéed onions, peas, beans or tomatoes .3. Plan something Italian? 4. Get creative with salad, add fruit like strawberries or mandarin oranges, even nuts like almonds. 5. Salad bars aren’t just for salads, get your dessert too, and save on calories. Get the fresh fruit or fruit salad even jello salad.6. Get into stir-frying fun. 7. Add vegetables to your sandwiches. 8. Be creative with your bake goods, add berries or apples.  9.  Try a fruit smoothie! 10. Liven up the morning omelet with veggies.

The meeting ended with TOPS Pledge being recited by members. T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a non-profit, international weight loss support group open to anyone seven years of age or older. The MO #0720 chapter meets every Tuesday from 3p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the basement of the courthouse, Come visit us and sit in on a meeting, if you would like to find out more about T.O.P.S. We welcome anyone looking to get and stay healthy.