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Douglas County Museum

We appreciate Mrs. Roberts for bringing her Bear’s Den students through on Tuesday, and to Mr. Moore for taking our pictures.  They got to do a scavenger hunt to find things in the Museum.

Sharon took through the second graders from Ava School last week and they had a really good time.

The Museum will be having a contest to see who can make the best turkey.  It is called “Look At This Turkey.”  Anyone may enter and you may use any medium, i.e. corn husks, metal, plastic, wood, or ice cream sticks.  You may also paint or draw on paper or burn on wood or carve out of a bar of soap or make one out of aluminum foil.  You design it the way you want it to look and bring it by the Museum on any Saturday.  Guests are asked to come by the Museum and vote.  One penny equals one vote.  The winner will be announced on Saturday November 17, and the top three will get a prize.  So bring in your turkeys and display them and we will put a picture of them on our Facebook page.  You may not vote on the Facebook page, but look only.

Come by the Museum for us to help you with your family history.

Let’s get excited about this turkey contest!

Look for our new sign which is coming soon.

Stay tuned for more.