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Looking Backward 10.25.2012

25 Years Ago

October 22, 1987


Miss Lee Oliver, daughter of Jim and Patty Greene, was crowned 1987-88 Homecoming Queen at coronation ceremonies held at halftime of last Friday night’s foot­ball game between Ava and Lib­erty.  The Bears gave Miss Oliver a 25-6 homecoming victory to go along with her crown.

Dr. Max Decker, principal of Ava High School, received “dou­ble” honors at a recent meeting of the Missouri Association of Secon­dary School Principals. He was recognized for twenty-five years as a secondary school principal and was re-elected to membership on the MASSP) Board of Directors.

“50 Years of Conservation” will show here Tuesday.

First Baptist Church of Ava will celebrate its 90th anniversary with weekend activities on Saturday and Sunday.  The church is located on Highway Y, just east of Highway 5, across from the city fairgrounds. Rev. Nolan Carrier is pastor.

Standard time returns on Sunday morning, Oct. 25, marking the end of daylight saving time for a few months.

Bill Goss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goss of Ava, recently was awarded a West Point Preparatory Scholarship in a special assembly at Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Mo.

ROY –– Mitchell and Mark Peebles came down Saturday and helped Louis and Josephine tattoo cattle in the ears and brand each one for identification.

The official 1987 World Series baseballs were stamped at the Ava Rawlings plant.  Plant Manager Don Haught said around 12,000 baseballs were stamped for the Series.

RED BUD VILLAGE – Mr. and Mrs. Red Klineline and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hudgins of Irvin, Texas, and Lillian Klineline went out for supper Saturday evening and later visited with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Klineline.

THEODOSIA –– Joyce Noah is back to work at the post office.


50 Years Ago

October 18, 1962


An estimated 1,281 persons made the tour Sunday on the Glade Top Trail.  Thirteen states and 69 cities had representation on the Glade Top Trail.

The combined general store and post office at Brown Branch, about a mile south of the Douglas County line in Taney County on Highway 76, was destroyed by fire last Fri­day.  The store and building were owned by Mr. and Mrs. Paul David.

Two new teachers were em­ployed by the Ava R-1 Board of Education at a meeting held Tues­day night.  Jerry Uhlmann, a first lieutenant in the Army who will complete two years of training on Nov. 10, was employed to teach mathematics and physical educa­tion.   Mrs. Edwin Upchurch, wife of the high school principal, was employed as elementary school librarian.

The Square Deal Milk Company receiving plant in the south part of Ava on City Route 5 has been re-opened as a receiving station for Grade A milk.

Miss Rebecca Williams, daugh­ter of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Williams of Smallett, who is employed with the Missouri State Extension Ser­vice, was recently transferred to the Missouri Extension Office in Co­lumbia.  Miss Williams was trans­ferred from Warsaw where she was serving as home economist of Benton County. Miss Williams is a graduate of Ava High School and of the University of Missouri. She made the move from Warsaw on Thursday last week and was as­sisted by her father and her broth­ers, A/2c Chas. H. Williams and Thomas J. Williams, Seaman Apprentice, U.S.N.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hart entertained members of their family at their home on Valley Street Sun­day evening when they invited the group home to meet their newest grandchild, little Raydena Lynn Brown. The baby, the one-day-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brown (Alice Ann Hart) of Ava, had just returned home with her mother from Mansfield Hospital.

ONGO –– Carroll and Randy Caudill are still looking for bobcats evenings after they get home from school. Randy killed a large one on Thursday, five days after Carroll had killed one.

Per capita consumption of meat in the U.S. averages 160 pounds per year, compared with 68 pounds in Russia.

STAR –– Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Keeton and Geneva called on Mr. and Mrs. Chet Briscoe, Martha, Annabelle and Sidney Saturday night. Mrs. Briscoe spilled a kettle of boiling hot water on her right foot Friday, causing a severe burn.

Johnnie & Jewell’s Café at Davis Corner will open Thursday.  We usually close each Thursday, but are remaining open to serve Glade Top Trail visitors.

Worthmore Saccharin, 1,000 – ¼ grain tables, 49¢.   Ava Drug Co.

Miss Fonna Klineline, 16-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil­burn Klineline of Springfield, for­merly of Ava, has been selected to play the part of Grazia in the Springfield Little Theatre produc­tion, “Death Takes a Holiday.”


75 Years Ago

October 21, 1937


The loss of livestock or poultry injured or killed by dogs in Doug­las County after September 6 this year is to be made up to the owner from a special county dog fund to be composed of money received in taxes paid by owners of dogs, by terms of an act passed by the last assembly of the state legislature.

James, the one-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Medlock, who live in the northeast part of town was bitten by a black widow spider early Monday morning and for sev­eral hours it was thought the bite might prove fatal. However, his condition is now improving. The boy was playing on the floor near an outside door when his mother noticed him picking at something on his left hand. She went to the child and discovered the spider. She knocked it to the floor and killed it, but in a few minutes the child began to cry and upon exami­nation she noticed red streaks run­ning from the child’s forefinger to this elbow.  She immediately rushed him to a doctor where the wound was treated.

There are gliders again in the Herald office for boys and girls.

EAST VANZANT –– County Agent Cloin Penner visited his par­ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Penner, last week.

Ava candidates for queen and prince charming from each class are as follows:  Senior – Vivian Mallernee and Cecil Robertson;  Junior – Louis Adams and Noble Livingston;  Sophomore – Virginia Givans and Wilson McClendon;  Freshman – Doris Sutherland and Howard Holt.

Three employees of the Ava ex­change of the Missouri Standard Telephone Company attended a banquet for employees of the com­pany in this state at Lebanon Friday night. They were Mrs. Lilly Kester, Etcyl Huffman and Ruth Deatherage.

A birthday dinner was given Sunday at Goodhope in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Hutchison, complimentary to Mr. Hutchison and Dr. J.D. Ferguson, of Ava, who were each celebrating their sixtieth birthday anniversary.

EAST DOGWOOD NEWS – Through the courtesy of several men interested in the finishing of the church, the chimney is now completed and the ceiling work is well under way.  Ed Latham, H. Dahlberg, L.Y. Trowbridge, Eddie Schumann, Tip Walker, Ethal Brentlinger and George Hardy were the volunteer workers last week.

Armstrong Drives Truck in New Film –– In playing the role of “Stan” in Standard Oil’s New Hol­lywood Picture, Robert Armstrong for the first time in his career on stage or screen, wore the uniform of an agent of an oil company and drove a tank truck.  His experience, he declared, had run the gamut of pie wagon, chuck wagon, and even “water wagon”, but never before had he managed a horse-drawn load of oil.  The picture will be shown here at the Thrasher Theatre, Wed., Oct. 27, 8 p.m. It’s free – get tickets at Shipman Motor Co.


100 Years Ago

October 31, 1912


As we go to press reports are current that Vice-President James S. Sherman is dead.  He has been failing in health for several weeks.  In his death the country mourns the loss of a great and good man.

The spirit of 1776 will blaze forth at every voting precinct next Tuesday – Missourians will be on guard everywhere to save the honor of the homes of this commonwealth by voting “No” on Amendments 6 and 7, the Single Tax measure.

As men are loyal to their coun­try, loyal to their homes, so they ought to be loyal to those who live among them so long as they act like honorable men – in this respect we are not talking party or party creed, but the individual worth of the men themselves, plus the fact that they are each, one of us.

Frank Sell and family of Red Bank, Iowa, arrived in Ava today for a visit with relatives.

J.A. Beech and wife of Huguton, Kansas, arrived in Ava today. They have bought a part of the Geo. W. Johnson farm near Smallett.

The families of Dr. Coffman and J.W. Byng enjoyed an outing Sun­day at Wilson’s Mill. Mrs. W.A. Latimer of Sedalia, was also one of the party.   Dr. and Mrs. J.H. Coff­man were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Byng Thursday evening. The occasion celebrating the fourth wedding anniversary of the Byngs.

Marriage Licenses –– Mathas Morrison, of Squires to Myrtle Miller, of Foil.  E.D. Mason, of Cheney, to Awanda Stephens, of Vera Cruz.  J.N. Green to Minnie E. Baker, both of Depew.  J.W. Bunch of Rogersville to Elizabeth Hargis, of Fordland. Mr. Wakefield of Pocahontas, Arkansas, to Gusta Bradshaw, of Ava.

Roll Hatfield moved into his new house in the southeast part of town yesterday.

The Republican speeches of Hon. John C. McKinley and Hon. Sidney Roach in Ava last week, were highly appreciated.

The Ava Commercial Band went down to Hammond yesterday to attend the barbecue at that place today.

Sheriff Gentry started yesterday with supplies for next Tuesdays election.

C.A. Harnden of west of town went down to Willow Springs last week to attend opening of the Co-Operative Creamery.

J.F. Humbyrd, the old reliable blacksmith is now ready for work. Come and see, one block north of post office.  New outfit, 30 years experience, general repair shop and horse shoeing a specialty.

Miss Cora King who has been spending the summer in Kansas, returned to her home in Ava last Tuesday.


125 Years Ago

October 28, 1887


Thursday, November 24th, has been set aside by the President as a national Thanksgiving day.

Yellow fever is raging in Tampa, Florida.  226 cases and 34 deaths are reported up to this date.

Last Sunday night the quiet little hamlet of Arno was for a moment thrown into a state of excitement, by the elopement of Oscar Abott and Miss Emma Lopp.  The parents of the young lady done all in their power to keep their daughter away from the young man, but to no avail.  On Sunday night the girl attended church with the family, and while in church her nose com­menced to bleed and she was obliged to get up and go out.  As soon as the flow of blood was staunched she came in again. She had not been in long when her nose commenced bleeding a second time and again she got up and went out.  As she did not make her reappear­ance, the mother who had kept a close watch over her daughter for some time, became uneasy and went out of the church only to hear the fading clatter of horse hoofs as the young couple sped rapidly away. Hot pursuit was immediately instigated, but the young couple rode horses that were as fleet and fresh as their young love was strong, and the mocking echoes of their horses hoofs soon died away and the pursuers were left to wish them much joy. They rode into Christian County and were married at 3 o’clock Monday morning.

VERA CRUZ NOTES –– Health in this vicinity is better than it usually is in the autumn; very few cases of malaria are reported.

Marionville Collegiate Institute– In Lawrence Co., southwest Mo., on the St. L. & S. F. R. R., midway between Springfield and Pierce City. Delightful climate of the Ozark Mountains. Moral and growing town of 1200 inhabitants.  Business training.  Academic courses of 3 years each – classical, scientific and English – prepare students for leading colleges. Virgil and Homer read.  Tuition, $3.50 per month. Board, $2.00 to $2.50 per week. Expenses need not exceed $120 for entire year.

Gen. Comte De Peaumont tells the New Yorkers that he considers their Brooklyn Bridge the greatest in the world.

A young man and his girl re­cently rode in a buggy from Plum Hollow, Canada, to the Linhurst exhibition, a distance of 105 miles.

An official list just published shows there are thirty-five widows of Revolutionary soldiers still drawing pensions from the gov­ernment.

The tramp, the pirate, the man who talks to you while you are busy, the burglar, the midnight as­sassin and the little girl who insists on selling you tickets to a charity concert, are universally acknowl­edged to be vagrants, who should be cut down and cast into the oven.  … hence we say that society needs turning inside out and scraping.  –– Texas Siftings.

An entire class of eighteen law students passed a successful ex­amination at Salem, Oregon, re­cently, and were admitted to the bar.  Miss Howard, a young lady student, passed quite as credibly as the young men.