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Letter to the Editor School Food

Just when I thought school food service couldn’t get any worse, Michelle Obama has done it again!!
Last year, we the tax payer, was out boo koo money on her “Kindergarten Food from The Farm” program. This was a program that all Kindergarten classes had to sample different fruits and veggies twice a week. (We served the same fruit and veggies for three weeks in a row because that is what the farm brought us.) Kids don’t know what apples, oranges and green beans look and taste like?! Come on!!!
Well, this year, school food service is not allowed to serve desserts or use salt on anything! I guess if the kids won’t eat the tasteless food, I reckon they won’t be obese. Is this another way the government is taking on the role of parenting??
I’ve been in the school food service for 28 years and spent 9 years in hospital food service. This is the first year that I am not excited about working!
Concerned Food Service Employee,
Mary Sanders
Richmond, Mo.