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The Snoop 10.4.2012

I don’t mean to be sounding poetic, or anything like that. I’ll leave that to Baxter Black and Angelou. But now that October has arrived, have you ever thought about what a special month it is?
October fits in between summer and winter.  It’s that time of year when you may use the furnace and the air-conditioner on the same day. The air takes on a different aroma with the smell of wood smoke in the air as folks fire up the fireplace to take the chill off.
The weather is always hard to predict in Missouri, but you can generally count on the first days of October to be relatively warm with cool nights. But by the time we get to the end of the month you can almost bet on frost and occasionally we’ve seen snow by Halloween.
During October the trees take on their fall colors, setting the stage for events such as the Glade Top Trail Flaming Fall Revue that has been a part of Ava’s notoriety for over 50 years. The 2012 event has been set for Sunday, Oct. 21, at the Caney Picnic Area in the Mark Twain National Forest. Contact the Ava Area Chamber of Commerce for more information about this event. Their number is 417-683-4594, or you can find them on the Internet.
One of my special things about October is the World Series. With the divisional playoffs and wild cards and the league championships it takes the entire month to wrap up the Major League Baseball season, and if one of the teams that still plays outside happens to make it to the Series, the weather can really become a factor. But come World Series time, I can watch teams and get excited about players that I didn’t even recognize during the summer.
* * *
When a “Breaking News” bulletin came on TV Tuesday night my attention was drawn to the fact that the news reporter was standing on the curb with TV lights focused on her, while across the street police officers were crouched behind their cars as if they thought somebody might start shooting. That took me back several years when Sheriff Leonard Sanders invited me to go along on a call with him and his only deputy.
We arrived at the residence, and as we approached the house I looked around. The Highway Patrolmen were wearing bulletproof vests and all the officers had guns. All I had was a Canon (35mm camera). I quickly located the biggest tree in the yard and made sure it stayed between me and the residence until the scene was clear.
Maybe Paula Moorhouse knew something I didn’t as she did that newscast. But all I could think of as I watched was, Girl, there’s a reason why those guys are behind their car!
* * *
You might say I’m a Southern Gospel junkie, and that’s why I was so disappointed when we attended the Karen Peck concert last Thursday at Bradleyville. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t disappointed with the concert. It was great! But I was greatly disappointed with the low attendance.
We got there early, before the doors opened because I envisioned a standing-room-only crowd. There were three cars in the parking lot when we arrived. By the time the concert began at 7 p.m. there was a decent crowd, but certainly not what I expected nor what should have been, considering there was no admission charge.
The concert was held to benefit the missionary work of Dr. Sam Evans in the Philippines, and they did receive a nice freewill offering.
Among those in attendance at the concert was Wayne Gott, owner of Town and Country Supermarkets and Town and Country Bank. Wayne got his start in the grocery business just down the road from the school, there at Bradleyville. And he hasn’t forgotten. That is to be respected.
As for Karen Peck and New River. I truly believe they are the real thing. Karen, Susan and other members of the group are sincere, down to earth people just like us, who are willing to walk out into the crowd, give a handshake and an occasional hug, and mingle with the folks. Not all entertainers are like that. Trust me.