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Douglas County Museum

A genealogist came over from Oklahoma and left us some pictures for people to look through.  Some of the names on the back are:  Potter, Mackey, Hicks, Fulton, Barnes, Pratt, Tabor, Essary, Snodgrass and Jackson.  We also have a picture of the Ava High School Safety Patrol from 1932 or 1933.  If you would like to come by on Saturday and look at it and identify some of the men in it, it would be appreciated.  Some of the people are identified as Ralph Dobbs, Eugene ‘Rabbit’ Clinkingbeard, Harry Stafford, Lawrence ‘Pete’ Robertson, Howard L. Holt and Eugene Prock.

We continue to be open on Saturdays through the winter months from 10 to 2.  If you need help with your family history searching or would like to make a tour of the museum, we would love to assist you in either one.

Stay tuned for more.