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County Commission Update –– UTVs, ATVs On County Roads May Need Special Permit

During the Thursday, Sept. 20, meeting of the Douglas County Commissioners, the commissioners opened bids submitted for District Two and the proposed purchase of replacement dump trucks for the area.

The three bids received were as follows:  1995 Freightliner Class XL, $20,000, Roger Hinrich;  1984 Kenworth, $17,000, Bob Southards;  and 1989 Peterbuilt, $12,000 Bob Southards.  Commissioners said they have plans to inspect each truck before finalizing the purchase.

The commission is also in the process of completing a short-term lease agreement, which will allow the county to use the vacated State of Missouri Highway Transportation shed at Drury, as a county facility.

In the proposal, the County agrees to maintain a small expanse on two roads in the nearby area; therefore, both parties are waiting for the road surveys to be completed before moving forward. Commissioners agree that once the surveys are fin­ished, the contract will be finalized and the two small road sections will be deeded to the county for upkeep and maintenance.

In other business, Commissioners adopted an ordinance necessitating owners of utility vehicles (UTV) to display an identifying sticker on the terrain vehicle when travel occurs on county roads. The UTV standards parallel requirements previously set for ATV use on county roads.  The utility vehicle ordinance, adopted on Thursday, Sept. 27, states the following conditions:

––Permits shall be issued to each vehicle and affixed permanently to said vehicle. The applicant provides the make, model, year and vehicle identification number to the Clerk upon making application.

––The permit shall remain in effect so long as the owner of the vehicle at the time of issuance continues to own said vehicle.

––The permit fee shall be $15 and proceeds of the sale shall be paid to the General Fund in the amount of $5.00, and the balance the Road and Bridge Fund.  Replacement licenses shall be $3.00.

––Permitted ATVs or UTVs shall comply with all state laws pertaining to operation of the equipment.

––Operation of ATVs or UTVs in the National Forests shall be in accordance with regulations pertaining to the National Forests.

––Any licensed ATVs or UTVs from other counties within the State of Missouri shall be accorded the same privileges as those licenses within Douglas County.

If the ATV or UTV is only used for agricultural purposes a permit may not be required.

Permits issued through the county only apply to county roads, and have nothing to do with state highways.

Also last week, the commissioners were in the process of reviewing the use of Title II or Title III funds for the enhancement of forestry roads near Noblett Lake; however, a decision was not finalized during the session, as more information was needed.